New Students

Welcome to FAS Co-op! Check out your next steps for preparing for your first work term:

Requirement & Preparation for Co-op

Complete Application Form

Once you have been admitted to Co-op you will receive a welcome email within two weeks after students submit the online application with instructions to self-enroll in the Co-op mailing list.

If you have not completed the application process you should do so now! To apply for the Co-operative Education Program at SFU, please complete the Co-operative Education Application Form.

Co-op Prep Course

Students must be registered complete this online course that that is intended to help students understand the Co-op processes, complete co-op assignments, gain access to resources and tips for success. You will be emailed details for registration once accepted into the program.

In preparation to apply to co-op positions, Computer Science students self-enroll in the co-op prep course which includes:

  • Information on the Co-op processes
  • Preparation for your first work search
  • Access to resources
  • Tips for success
  • Connect with your assigned Co-op Coordinator

Each term Co-op sends out an email through the Computing Science Co-op student mail list with information to self-enroll into the Canvas Co-op Prep Course. For further information on the co-op process, take a look at SFU Co-op Student Guide.


Apply for Co-op Work Permit (for International Students only)

International students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before applying to SFU Co-op jobs. This is different from your off-campus work permit. Once you are registered in the Co-op Prep Course, you will find instructions on how to be issued the Co-op letter to include in your work permit application. We recommend applying for the Co-op work permit as early as possible, as processing times can be lengthy.

Bridging Online One (BOL I)

This is a two-week online course preparing you to identify and transfer your skills to the workplace. This self-paced course is offered regularly throughout the term and can be completed on your own time.

Register in the ‘Events Calendar’ on myExperience.


Students must attend three mandatory workshops, the FAS Co-op Resume, Cover Letter and Interview workshops, and prior to your first seeking semester. These workshops will help you gain basic understanding and foundation for your seeking documents and interview skills along with industry specific information. Following these workshops, students should have the knowledge and tools to elevate their documents and interview skills.

Register in the ‘Events Calendar’ on myExperience.

One-to-One Coaching

Students will be given individual, one to one coaching, feedback and mock interviews when needed or requested with the Co-op Advisors and Coordinators.

  Work in Summer
Work in Fall
Work in Spring

Preparation Term 
(Completing workshops)

Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021

Seeking Term
(Applying for Jobs)

Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Fall 2021