Job Design:

Need to create a new position from scratch?  Your HR Strategic Business Partner Services Team is the first point of contact for leaders.  The Total Compensation team works closely with the HR Strategic Business Partner (HRSBP) and you (the leader) to build the foundation for your dream team.

New Job Descriptions:

A new job description is written when it has been determined that a new position is needed to meet operational requirements.  Your HRSBP will support and guide you through the various steps in doing so. Once the Job Description is completed, the Compensation team works their magic using SFU's Job Evaluation methods to assign it a grade.  Get started with writing a job description with our Job Description Toolkit.

Changes to a Job Description:

Wanna make a change? Great!  It's best practice to review your team's job descriptions annually to ensure they are up to date.  Not all changes will require a Job Evaluation.  Check out this chart below to see if you need to submit the changes or chat with you HRSBP.