Nisuwok Cocahoq (Two Spirited), Carr Sappier (Tobique First Nation), 10 Min, 2018.

Carr Sappier at the Indigenous International Film Festival

Carr Sappier, a fourth year SCA film student, has a work in the Short Film Showcase of the 2018 The Indigenous International Film Festival, which runs November 23 and 24 at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St. Vancouver). Sappier's 10 minute film, Nisuwok Cocahoq (Two Spirited), "is a coming of age story that follows June, a non-binary teenager, who is beginning to express and embrace their gender identity. Besides having to deal with their everyday battle of body dysphoria, June is also struggling to maintain a relationship with a father who has been ignoring their journey." To see more work by Sappier, including the 2017 short film APOTAMKIN (SEA MONSTER), which we've embedded below, please go HERE.

Congratulations, Carr!


Step inside of this world of song and dance as it is influenced by the sea monster (Apotamkin) who captures those who disrespect the waters. Inspired by stories heard from the Wolastoqiyik elders in Tobique First Nation, where director, Carr Sappier, was born and raised.

Director: Carly "Carr" Sappier (Wolastoqiyik)
DOP: Gordon Wong
Producer: Eveleen Kozak