Enfolding-Unfolding Aesthetics with Laura U. Marks

The SCA's Laura U. Marks has contributed a poetic photo-essay "that succinctly explains enfolding-unfolding aesthetics" for UK artist Laura White's ongoing tenderfoot project, a curated online space that aims to foster “engagement and negotiation with the world of stuff, material and objects.”  

As Marks introduces her contribution,

Enfolding-unfolding aesthetics offers a way to think alongside the complex and mysterious world of processes that Tenderfoot explores. It conceives of the universe as physical—matter plus energy. Thinking this way allows us to understand all things or beings as “matter from the outside, consciousness from the inside,” as Peirce wrote, and to respect the processes whereby matter, energy, and (not necessarily human) thought come together.

Visit HERE to read the rest of Marks' text and to see the collection of images of "ingenious parking-spot-holders of Beirut" she enlists to help her explicate her theme.