SCA | Quick News | May 8, 2020

Keep up with The Public Swoon

The Public Swoon, a collaborative project by the SCA's Barbara Adler and Kyla Gardiner, is looking for volunteer crafters to help create abstract, fantastic vegetation with crochet through their new Social Handcraft initiative. Your craft creations will become part of the stage environment for the Mermaid Spring, The Public Swoon's sprawling music / theatre work-in-progress. Find out more HERE.

Watch some SCA Dance

We've recently updated our Dance area page to include videos for Protean (choreographed by the SCA's Rob Kitsos) and Topophilia, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the our Dance, Theatre Performance, Theatre Production & Design, and Music areas, co-directed by the SCA's Steven Hill and Rob Kitsos. Watch them HERE.

Adam Basanta's Artist Survival Station

Follow the Artist Survival Station project by SCA alumni and recent Sobey Art Award co-winner Adam Basanta on YouTube HERE.

Laura June's Body Positivity

SCA MA alumni Laura June is offering twice-weekly, live "Body Positive Online Dance Classes," staring May 17. Email laurajunedance @ to register.

Megan Andrews Pivots to Digital

Megan Andrews, a regular SCA instructor and current Associate Artist at The Dance Centre, is hosting a conversation series on Zoom on the topic of "Inspirations and implications in pivoting to the digital," with guests SCA alumni Vanessa Goodman and Erika Mitsuhashi and Justine A. Chambers. Find out more HERE.

CA 314 to Download

We've just added downloadable PDF versions of presentations from last semester's CA 314: The Politics of Art and Visual Culture in Romantic-Era Britain, lead by the SCA's Denise Oleksijczuk, which were originally presented as curated selections of rare books, prints, and postcards from the Special Collections division of SFU Library's W.A.C Bennett Library. Find them HERE.

Kong on Inventing the Future

Read the SCA's Yani Kong on Isiah Medina’s Inventing the Future for Akimbo. Read it HERE.