Our BFA program combines rigorous technical training and skills development with extensive instruction in cinema studies and history. 

Students draw on courses throughout the School to deepen their understanding of other artistic disciplines – an understanding we consider essential to the creative life of every successful film and media artist.

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Program Information

BFA students learn by making their own films and videos in each year of their program, and begin working with 16mm in their first semester. Students work closely with instructors in small classes. Our program is collaborative and cohort-based, and this is one of our greatest strengths. Students’ success comes from working together with their peers and faculty in the School and with professionals in the wider world. This leads to long-term peer support and partnership after school, a strategy that has produced a large number of prize-winning films by our grads. For example, in 2012, SFU films made up a remarkable 35% of the program for the Canadian Student Film Festival. One of last year’s films earned Honourable Mention as Best Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and is currently in distribution as part of TIFF’s “Canada’s Top Ten” program.

We maintain a close relationship with national and regional festivals, federal and provincial media agencies, broadcasters, labs, post-houses, sound houses, and industry professionals. Students develop expertise and contacts through visiting artists – sessional instructors who teach advanced professional skills – and through Praxis-sponsored programs like the annual Survival Skills Day.

The School offers three options in Film

The program in Film offers three possible options for study:

 - Major in Film (BFA)
 - Extended Minor in Film
 - Minor in Film and Video Studies.

MFA students can also focus on film production in their program.

Note: students applying for admission to the Film program must apply directly to the School for Contemporary Arts in early spring and must also submit a separate application for admission to Simon Fraser University. Acceptance in the Film program is conditional upon acceptance into SFU.


Students are uniquely positioned in the Film program to take advantage of the interdisciplinary offerings of the School for the Contemporary Arts as a whole. The programs in Dance, Visual Art, Theatre, Music, and Visual Culture and Performance Studies provide exciting opportunities for inter and cross-disciplinary exploration and cooperation. Students can also participate in screenwriting programs at the Praxis Centre for Screenwriting.

Film FAQ

For more information about the film at SCA, please download our Film FAQ.

Faculty Profile

Noé Rodríguez

Noé Rodríguez


After combining his studies in Media Arts and Humanities with his work in the Spanish film industry, in 2006 Noé Rodríguez received the Caixa-Canada Scholarship… More

Alumni Reflections

"Studying in an interdisciplinary environment helped expose me to different ways of thinking about movement.  I've worked with dancers in a narrative filmmaking capacity and their approach was consistently refreshing and offered me different perspectives on the scenes I had written. I enjoy responding and reacting to their impulses and letting their body movement influence where I place the camera."

Jon Thomas (Film Student)

sca works

  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  • Worst Day Ever
  • Forty Men for the Yukon