University Board on Student Discipline

Last updated: April 02, 2024
Membership listing
Faculty Members
Shivanand Balram  Environment (Geography) December 31, 2025
Brenda Davison Science (Mathematics) December 31, 2025
Gregory Baker Applied Sciences (Computing Science) May 31, 2024
Sean Zwagerman Arts and Social Sciences (English) March 15, 2026
Mark Lechner Health Sciences March 31, 2026
Student Members
Amanda Cronkite Undergraduate - Business September 30, 2024
Anum Khalid Undergraduate - Psychology September 30, 2024
Dara Penner Undergraduate - Philosophy September 30, 2024
Shauna-Kaye Brown Graduate - School of Communication October 31, 2024
Laya Behbahani Graduate - School of Communication March 24, 2025
Staff Members
Bettina Cenerelli Arts and Social Sciences  October 31, 2024
Amanda Woodhall Applied Sciences October 31, 2024
Ben Lee Health Sciences  November 15, 2024
Shane Simpson Business April 30, 2027
Kellie Smith Education March 31, 2025


The University Board on Student Discipline (UBSD) provides an impartial forum in which there will be a complete examination of allegations of academic dishonesty or misconduct on the part of students. The Tribunal will provide individuals with an opportunity to respond in a timely manner to allegations of academic dishonesty or misconduct and, if appropriate, will recommend a course of action to the President, or to the Vice-President, Academic if the President has already played a role in the case.

Policies on Student Conduct and Discipline

UBSD Policy

When the University imposes a penalty on a student for academic dishonesty or misconduct and the student wishes to dispute the facts, the student may appeal to the University Board on Student Discipline (UBSD).

UBSD Student Appeal Application

Office of the Ombudsperson

Students are advised to consult with the Ombudsperson. The Office of the Ombudsperson is an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students and other members of the University community. The Ombudsperson provides information and guidance on students’ rights and responsibilities, as well as University regulations, policies and procedures.

All members of the University community share the responsibility for the academic standards and reputation of the University. Academic integrity is a cornerstone of the development and acquisition of knowledge.

SFU Student Discipline Reports