June 28, 2021 | Digest No. 257


BPK June 2021 Convocation Celebration- TODAY!

June 2021 BPK Graduands! Check your inbox for the Eventbrite email that has Zoom Link for today's convocation celebration.

If you forgot to register but still would like to join, following is the zoom link:

Time: Monday, June 28 at 3:10 - 3:40 p.m. PT
Location: Zoom Meeting

*Please note that you are not eligible for door prizes if you haven't registered through Eventbite

BPK Information Sessions

Wondering about how to prepare for your first year in the department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology programs? We have two info sessions tailored to our specific programs: One for Biomedical physiology and Kinesiology programs and one for Behaviour Neuroscience program. Choose one that you are interested or join us for both if you would like.


Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Info Session

Welcome to the department of BPK! Wondering about how to prepare for your first year in the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology programs? Attend the upcoming Zoom info session.

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1:00 - 2:00pm
Registration Link:

*Zoom session link will be provided upon registration.

Behavioural Neuroscience Info Session

Want to learn more about our Behavioural Neuroscience program? Attend the upcoming Zoom session designed to prepare students for the first year of studies and give an overview of the internal transfer process to our program.

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2:30 - 3:30pm
Registration Link:

*Zoom session link will be provided upon registration.

Water Research Panel Session

Join remotely to discuss how your research may help overcome the scientific challenges to make our water cleaner, safer and healthier.

The focus is on water purity and water treatment. The panelists include industry researchers looking at treating water from the mining industry, purification of waste water using electro-oxidation and adsorption methods, and other topics (guided by questions from the participants).

Time: June 30, 2021 3:30-5:00pm
Location: Zoom Webinar - Register

CLICK HERE for detail

Get SFU-Ready: New International Student Q & A

The session will cover key topics for new international students at SFU, and give you a chance to ask any questions as you prepare to join our SFU community.

Dates in July and August. Learn more:


STEM and Settler Colonialism

We recognize that our research, teaching, and learning are pursued within a settler colonial context, but what does that really mean and what we are called to do about it? Join us for the Faculty of Science’s 4-week STEM and Settler Colonialism reading group, that will meet on July 6, 15, 22, and 29th. Open to all Science students, faculty, and staff this initiative is intended for settlers who are starting their education and engagement with these topics and realities. Let’s study and struggle together! Learn more and sign-up here:

If you have any specific questions about this initiative, you can contact:

Thomas Leischner
Student Engagement Coordinator
Pronouns: He/Him

Study Hall @ Home

Are you feeling isolated working alone in this remote learning environment? Is it more difficult than ever to stay focused and motivated? Are your best time management efforts being put to the test? 

Study Hall @ Home will provide you with a dedicated time and space to work in a supported environment alongside other students.

Students are welcome to join other students in a supportive virtual space during these dedicated study times (more times expected for the Fall term):

Mondays 6-8pm
Thursdays 11am-1pm

During the sessions, Writing & Learning Peer Educators, and Science & Math Peer Tutors are on hand to introduce a new study and learning tip and to provide academic support and referrals at students' request. Students may register for upcoming sessions here.

COVID-19 Information

*The BC Government’s official COVID-19 response app. The latest updates, resources, symptom tracking, and self-assessment.

*The Federal Government of Canada official Covid-19 response page.  The latest updates, prevention & risk, self-assessment tool, information for preparation & more.

Information On SFU'S Response to Covid-19
Your best resource – for students, staff & faculty:  SFU’s COVID-19 FAQ.  If you have a question about SFU’s response that is not covered in the FAQ, please email it to   The team will work to get you an answer. If you have an organization-wide addition to the FAQs, please email your suggestion to Angela at      

Health & Counselling
Comprehensive health services, including COVID-19 & Mental Wellness found here

* Faculty & Staff support

Stay safe and continue to support each other!

Academic announcements

Welcome Guides for International and Newcomer Students

These step-by-step guides are tailored for new international and newcomer students from different pathways. Download your checklist and complete all the required steps as you prepare to start your studies at SFU. Learn more:

Academic Resource Links

*  Exchange Students Covid-19
refer here for more information.

* Remote Study & Work

* Comprehensive Student Support (Grades, Withdrawals, Advising, student services, International Students, Available Resources, Financial, Co-op and more)

Academic Advising

***  All in-person advising is cancelled.  Remote advising will continue via phone.  Please include a contact Phone Number in the "description" when booking appointments through the website. 

**  Please have Academic Transcripts on-hand for appointments.  Follow this think for instructions:

BPK Advising hours are as follows:




10am – 11:40am


10am – 11:40am
2pm – 3pm


10am – 11am
2pm - 3pm


10am - 11am
2pm – 3:40pm


10am - 11am

*Please Note: When booking an appointment always make sure you are looking at the correct dates. Click "go to this week" to make sure you are on the current week.

If you are not available for drop-in times, or are unable to make an appointment, you may contact the academic advisor here. When contacting the advisor, please always include your full first and last name, your student number, and attach your advising transcript. Download your advising transcript from your student centre at go.sfu.caUnder Academics select Other Academic... and choose Transcript: Advising.


Special Topics Course:  BISC 475

BISC is planning to offer a Special Topics Course:  BISC 475 Environmental Microbiology.

Could life on earth survive without microbes? Find out more in BISC 475 Environmental Microbiology.

The requisite is BISC 303 with grade of at least C-.  Detailed outline is available here.  

Undergraduate research opportunity in Guttman's lab

Dr. Julian Guttman, a Cellular Microbiologist in the Department of Biological Sciences is looking for an undergraduate student to perform research in his lab.  

The position will start at the beginning of the Fall semester (Sept 2021). The students must be able to devote at least 8 months to the lab in the form of either a 498 or 499 course as well as an ISS (Independent Study Semester).  

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail:  Include your CV and grades with the e-mail.  You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

DUE DATE: June 30, 2021.

Study in French at SFU - FSL Bursary Program $3000

It’s rewarding to be bilingual!

Are you a newly admitted first-year student commencing your undergraduate studies this Fall 2020?
Parles-tu français? Have you considered continuing your studies in French? Pourquoi pas?

You could be eligible for a $3,000 bursary.

Check out SFU’s undergraduate programs in French.

Contact the Department of French student advisor, Hélène Pouliot, to discuss your options.

FSL Bursary Program Eligibility:
As a first-year student, you would be eligible if

  • you are a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency
  • English is your first official language spoken
  • you are studying full-time for the academic year, both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 terms
  • over the two terms, an average of 50% of your courses and related activities are in French
  • you enroll in an undergraduate program option taught in French (which could be in addition to your program of admission)

See the full list of eligibility criteria and details about related activities in French:

Find out more about the FSL Bursary Program.

You can apply online starting July 19!

The Bursaries for Postsecondary Studies in French as a Second Language Program (FSL Bursary Program), administered by the Association des collèges et université de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC), is designed to encourage English-speaking students to pursue post-secondary studies in French. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Minor in Gerontology

A Gerontology Minor is a great complement to your Major if you anticipate working with older adults in the future.

Benefits of the GERO MINOR include:
- you get enrollment priority in Gero courses 
- you can use the minor courses as prerequisite courses to the MA in Gerontology if you wish to pursue studies in aging 
- Gero 300 (Intro to Gerontology) is a Breadth Designated course 

The Department of Gerontology offers online and in class courses at the Harbour Centre campus.  

The Gero minor is 18 or 15 credits: 
Gero 101 + 15 elective credits (5 courses) or Gero 300 + 12 elective  credits (4 courses). 

Details are at:  

There is a schedule of upcoming Gero courses at:

To declare a minor or for further info. email me at with the request and attach an advising transcript.

 Fall 2021 Semester by the Salish Sea

Are you interested in learning about the ecology, history, and political realities of living in a coastal city on the edge of the Salish Sea?

Semester by the Salish Sea is a full-time, W-designated, 15-credit semester (DIAL 390W, DIAL 391W, & DIAL 392W). It is perfect for students looking for an exciting multidisciplinary experience where they will form connections with their peers and industry professionals while exploring a wide range of issues connected to blue urbanism, sea level rise, coastal development and ocean life.

The semester will be an immersive, team learning environment combining interdisciplinary skills with the complexity of collaborating within a group setting. The course combines the processes of dialogue and human-centered design. Students will engage with communities and research existing issues in order to design projects to improve the world around them. Students are encouraged to bring an open mind about project scope to the program.  

  • 20 students
  • No lectures or exams
  • Access to leading thinkers
  • 1:1 mentorship

Students will cultivate the skills necessary to conduct dialogues, public presentations, and multi-stakeholder discussions. The course offers facilitation and dialogue experience, field trips, reflective writing, on-the-ground training, leadership development, group process, and project management skills. 

The course will be taught by Professor of Professional Practice Janet Moore, interdisciplinary designer, facilitator and educator Sarah Hay, and Decolonization and Urban Indigenous Planning Fellow Ginger Gosnell-Myers. It will take place at SFU Harbor Centre Campus Monday thru Friday 9:30-3:30. Boots for walking along the ocean shore required. 

Interested students should email with their application form, resume, unofficial transcripts, and reference letters (optional). 

More info on how to apply here.

If you have any questions about course content or are interested in getting involved, you can connect with instructor Janet Moore at

The Semester is open to students of all academic backgrounds who have completed 45 credits prior to beginning the program. Students who have completed credits for DIAL 393 and DIAL 394 are not eligible to participate in the program.


Global Connections Program

Be part of the Global Community at SFU! Join the Global Connections Program to take advantage of 1-on-1 and group mentorship opportunities. You will also meet other SFU students through various virtual events and socials during the term. Visit the program website to learn more and register:

Faculty of Science pilot opportunity for non-faculty inventors and innovators

Dear undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other non-faculty researchers.

We are pleased to announce that SFU Innovates is expanding its support for SFU non-faculty inventors in the Faculty of Science. Our goal is to inspire our non-faculty inventors to invent and innovate by helping you raise the readiness level of your technology, so that you can engage with our Technology Licensing Office (TLO) to discuss patenting and licensing opportunities.

Neil Branda, who is also the executive director of one of SFU’s core facilities, 4D LABS, has recently joined SFU Innovates as its director of technology readiness & prototyping. Before approaching the TLO directly, current and aspiring non-faculty inventors should contact Neil by email at, to plan how to develop their ideas further and discuss the appropriate programs, resources and mentors SFU has to offer.

No matter the stage of your innovation journey, reach out to Neil to:

  • Consult on your research-based innovations and ideas;
  • Discuss SFU’s suite of programs and resources; and
  • Connect you with other SFU mentors and industry leaders.

SFU Innovates is the university’s innovation strategy with a mission to engage SFU researchers, staff and students with our communities and partners to solve societal challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. To learn more, visit

We welcome you to join our community of innovators,

Elicia Maine
Special Advisor on Innovation to the Vice-President, Research and International
Simon Fraser University

Neil Brand
SFU Innovates Director of Technology Readiness & Prototyping
Simon Fraser University

Research participant recruitment

Employment Opportunities



SEDS Canada Is Hiring!

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space is a National Non-Profit with the mission of providing Canadian Students with unique projects, research programs, and professional development opportunities in the Canadian government, industrial and institutional space sectors. These are unpaid positions. If you want to work with incredible students and professionals who are passionate about space this is an amazing opportunity! 🚀

Apply here:

Discover Volunteer Opportunities

Find out about current opportunities to get involved and how to find the right opportunity.  For more information on future events & opportunities follow us on !


CARDIOBREATH study aims to improve astronaut health

SFU News - June 15, 2021

Andrew Blaber, an SFU professor of biomedical physiology and kinesiology, is featured.

CLICK HERE for the full article

How to Design the Ultimate Interval Workout

Outside - June 16, 2021

Michael Rosenblat, an SFU lecturer of biomedical physiology and kinesiology, is mentioned. 

CLICK HERE for the full article

DISCLAIMER: The Department of BPK is forwarding these opportunities as we receive them, however we strongly encourage you to research and obtain information regarding the reputation of organizations, the terms and conditions of employment or service, as well as to understand your rights and responsibilities. The Department does not endorse any specific individuals, organizations, products, programs or services. If you have questions on the above please contact If you see any suspicious postings or hiring practices, please notify us immediately.