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Remote teaching


Find out all the remote teaching technology and support services available to you in one place!

IT Services and Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) have been working together to improve your experience in technical and pedagogical support during this remote teaching time.

Updated Oct. 1, 2020

Remote study


Access class content, including livestream lecture from Blackboard Collaborate


Recorded lectures

Available lecture recordings can be found at:

* For video recordings, and courses not listed, please speak directly to your instructor.





Software available to students, including Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, can be found at:


Remote access

Software available in computer labs, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and SPSS, can be accessed remotely:




Remote work


Online meetings with <25 attendees


Remote desktop connection

Access managed Windows desktop from home

* Use to access on-campus file servers


Off campus access to calls and voicemail to your SFU local number

Software downloads

Software available to staff can be found at:

SFU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connect remotely to the SFU campus network:

Remote research

Research network workstations

Access your research network workstations from home

Jupyter Notebook



Remote in computer lab desktops to access available software, such as SPSS.

SFU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connect remotely to the SFU campus network:

IT Services Centres on all three campuses are closed. Please contact us via phone or email.

Updated September 16, 2020