Teaching/Research Faculty

Blaber, Dr. Andrew

Aerospace Physiology Lab
(778) 782-3276
Email: ablaber@sfu.ca
BPK 205, BPK 484

Research Interests: Environmental and Aerospace Physiology

Brooks-Wilson, Dr. Angela

Professor & Chair
Cancer Genetics Lab
(778) 782-3889 or (604) 675-8156
Email: arw6@sfu.ca
Courses: BPK 420 (Special Topics: Medical Genetics), BPK 140, BPK 807

Research Interests: Cancer Genetics, genetics of healthy aging, lymphoma, human genetics

Clarke, Dr. David

Assistant Professor
Phone: (778) 782-9777
Courses: BPK 344 

Research Interests: Quantitative studies of exercise biology

Claydon, Dr. Tom

Associate Professor / Graduate Program Chair
Molecular Cardiac Physiology Group
Phone: (778) 782-8514
 BPK 305, BPK 412

Research Interests: Cardiac ion channel biophysics and physiology, cardiac rhythm, pathophysiological modulation of ion channel function, fluorescence-based electrophysiology

Claydon, Dr. Victoria

Associate Professor
Cardiovascular Physiology Lab
Phone: (778) 782-8513
Email: victoria_claydon@sfu.ca
Courses: BPK 305, BPK 444

Research Interests: Cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology; altitude physiology; cerebrovascular control; autonomic nervous system; spinal cord injury; syncope.

Cooke, Dr. Dylan

Assistant Professor
Sensorimotor Neuroplasticity Lab
Phone: (778) 782-7667
Email: dfcooke@sfu.ca
Courses: BPK 207, BPK 423 (Special topics: Neuroplasticity)

Research Interests: Development and plasticity of brain organization, motor skill, recovery from brain injury, individual variation of cortical maps of the body, brain evolution

Cupples, Dr. Will 

Phone: (778) 782-9084
Email: wcupples@sfu.ca

Doesburg, Dr. Sam

Associate Professor
Phone: (778) 782-3737
Email: sam_doesburg@sfu.ca

Research Interests:
Magnetoencepalographic (MEG) brain imaging of typical and atypical brain oscillations and networks, Translational research in autism, Brain oscillations and networks in cognition and development


Donelan, Dr. Max 

Locomotion Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-7100 
Email: max_donelan@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 308 

Research Interests: Locomotion Neuromechanics

Finegood, Dr. Diane 

Professor, Centre for Dialogue
Phone: (778) 782-9101
Email: finegood@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Complexity, systems thinking, obesity & chronic disease prevention, modeling, population and public health, knowledge translation

Hoffer, Dr. Andy

Neurokinesiology Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3141 
Email: hoffer@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 448, BPK 836 

Research Interests: Neuroprosthetic rehabilitation of movement disorders, diaphragm pacing

Krieger, Dr. Charles

Professor and Associate Chair
Brain Research Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3753 
Email: ckrieger@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 306, BPK 446 

Research Interests: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, protein kinase, neurological disease, neuron death, motoneuron                           


Lear, Dr. Scott

Community Health Research Team (CoHeaRT)
Phone: (604) 682-2344 ext 62778
Email: salear@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Cardiac rehabilitation, obesity, lifestyle management, physical activity

Mackey, Dr. Dawn 

Associate Professor 
Aging and Population Health Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-9330 
Email: dmackey@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 304W 

Research Interests: Aging, mobility, disability, physical activity & function, osteoporosis, falls, epidemiology

Marigold, Dr. Dan 

Associate Professor 
Sensorimotor Neuroscience Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3499 
Email: daniel_marigold@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 207, BPK 415 

Research Interests: Neural control of movement, visuomotor control, locomotion, falls

Parkhouse, Dr. Wade

Professor & Vice-Provost and Associate VP, Academic
Metabolic Biochemistry Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4109 
Email: parkhous@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Exercise physiology and biochemistry

Poburko, Dr. Damon

Associate Professor 
Molecular Cardiac Physiology Group 
Phone: (778) 782-9464 
Email: dpoburko@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 305 

Research Interests: Vascular Smooth Muscle Structure-Function Relationships & Physiology, Mitochondrial Physiology, Synaptic Physiology

Reynolds, Dr. Steve

T.B. Vets Charitable Foundation Professor in Critical Care
Email: screynol@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Critical care

Robinovitch, Dr. Stephen 

Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3566 
Email: stever@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 201, BPK 402

Research Interests: Biomechanics, falls and fall-related injuries in the elderly

Rosin, Dr. Miriam 

Cancer Prevention Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4589 
Email: rosin@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 110, BPK 431, BPK 851 

Research Interests: Identification of Molecular Alterations Predicting Cancer Development

Ruben, Dr. Peter

Molecular Cardiac Physiology group 
Email: pruben@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 205 

Research Interests: Biophysics of ion channels, congenital heart disease, congenital epilepsy, congenital skeletal muscle disease, ion channel evolution

Tibbits, Dr. Glen 

Molecular Cardiac Physiology group 
Phone: (778) 782-3658
Email: tibbits@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 305, BPK 412, BPK 812

Research Interests: Molecular cardiac physiology, cardiac contractility, congenital heart disease, calcium regulation in the heart

Vieira, Dr. Amandio

Associate Professor 
Nutrition and metabolism research Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4251 
Email: avvieira@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 110, BPK 311, BPK 850 

Research Interests: Nutrition and metabolism, dietary antioxidants and phytochemicals, cellular and nutrient transport

Wakeling, Dr. James

Neuromuscular Mechanics Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-8444 
Email: wakeling@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 208, BPK 301

Research Interests: Neuromusclar Mechanics


White, Dr. Matthew 

Associate Professor 
Lab for Exercise and Environment Physiology 
Phone: (778) 782-3344 
Email: matt@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 110, BPK 305 

Research Interests: Human temperature regulation, control of breathing and energy expenditure

Teaching Faculty

Arnold, Anne-Kristina

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-5213
Email: aarnolda@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 180, BPK 381, BPK 482 

Research Interests:
Ergonomics, design, occupational environments, RSIY

Bedoya, Diana

Senior Lecturer
Phone: (778) 782-6623
Email: dbedoya@sfu.ca
Courses: BPK 110, BPK 140

Research Interests: Obesity, behaviour change, weight management

Carter, Dr. Jim

Phone: (778) 782-4231 
Email: carter@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 142, BPK 407

Dill, Ryan 

Senior Lecturer/ Undergraduate Program Chair
Phone: (778) 782-7851 
Email: ryand@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 105C, BPK 110, BPK 310, BPK 343


Leyland, Tony 

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-4338 
Email: leyland@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 143/143C, BPK 201, BPK 301, BPK 342, BPK 343, BPK 380

Research Interests: Active health, physical conditioning of elite athletes, nutrition, biomechanics, human physical performance and fitness assessment

Ramer, Dr. Leanne

Phone: (778) 782-
Email: leanne_ramer@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 326, BPK 426

Walsh, Dr. Michael

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-4065 
Email: walsha@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 142, BPK 305, BPK 375

Wicks, Dr. Nadine

Phone: (778) 782-3615
Email: nwicks@sfu.ca 
Courses: BPK 205, BPK 306