Teaching/Research Faculty

Blaber, Dr. Andrew

Aerospace Physiology Lab
(778) 782-3276
Email: ablaber@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Environmental and Aerospace Physiology

Brooks-Wilson, Dr. Angela

Professor & Associate VP, Research, pro tem
Cancer Genetics Lab
(778) 782-3889 or (604) 675-8156
Email: arw6@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Cancer Genetics, genetics of healthy aging, lymphoma, human genetics

Clarke, Dr. David

Associate Professor
Phone: (778) 782-9777

Research Interests: Quantitative studies of exercise biology

Claydon, Dr. Tom

Professor and Associate Chair, Analysis and Strategy
Molecular Cardiac Physiology Group
Phone: (778) 782-8514

Research Interests: Cardiac ion channel biophysics and physiology, cardiac rhythm, pathophysiological modulation of ion channel function, fluorescence-based electrophysiology

Claydon, Dr. Victoria

Cardiovascular Physiology Lab
Phone: (778) 782-8513
Email: victoria_claydon@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology; altitude physiology; cerebrovascular control; autonomic nervous system; spinal cord injury; syncope.

Cooke, Dr. Dylan

Assistant Professor
Sensorimotor Neuroplasticity Lab
Phone: (778) 782-7667
Email: dfcooke@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Development and plasticity of brain organization, motor skill, recovery from brain injury, individual variation of cortical maps of the body, brain evolution

Doesburg, Dr. Sam

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair
Phone: (778) 782-3737
Email: sam_doesburg@sfu.ca

Research Interests: 
Magnetoencepalographic (MEG) brain imaging of typical and atypical brain oscillations and networks, Translational research in autism, Brain oscillations and networks in cognition and development

Donelan, Dr. Max 

Professor and Chair
Locomotion Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-7100 
Email: max_donelan@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Locomotion Neuromechanics

Finegood, Dr. Diane 

Professor, Centre for Dialogue
Phone: (778) 782-9101
Email: finegood@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Complexity, systems thinking, obesity & chronic disease prevention, modeling, population and public health, knowledge translation

Hoffer, Dr. Andy

Neurokinesiology Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3141 
Email: hoffer@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Neuroprosthetic rehabilitation of movement disorders, diaphragm pacing

Krieger, Dr. Charles

Brain Research Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3753 
Email: ckrieger@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, protein kinase, neurological disease, neuron death, motoneuron                           


Lear, Dr. Scott

Community Health Research Team (CoHeaRT)
Phone: (604) 682-2344 ext 62778
Email: salear@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Cardiac rehabilitation, obesity, lifestyle management, physical activity

Mackey, Dr. Dawn 

Associate Professor 
Aging and Population Health Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-9330 
Email: dmackey@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Aging, mobility, disability, physical activity & function, osteoporosis, falls, epidemiology

Marigold, Dr. Dan 

Associate Professor 
Sensorimotor Neuroscience Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3499 
Email: daniel_marigold@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Neural control of movement, visuomotor control, locomotion, falls

Parkhouse, Dr. Wade

Professor & Vice-Provost and Associate VP, Academic
Metabolic Biochemistry Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4109 
Email: parkhous@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Exercise physiology and biochemistry

Poburko, Dr. Damon

Associate Professor 
Molecular Cardiac Physiology Group 
Phone: (778) 782-9464 
Email: dpoburko@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Vascular Smooth Muscle Structure-Function Relationships & Physiology, Mitochondrial Physiology, Synaptic Physiology

Reynolds, Dr. Steve

T.B. Vets Charitable Foundation Professor in Critical Care
Email: screynol@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Critical care

Robinovitch, Dr. Stephen 

Professor and Research Program Chair
Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-3566 
Email: stever@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Biomechanics, falls and fall-related injuries in the elderly

Rosin, Dr. Miriam 

Cancer Prevention Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4589 
Email: rosin@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Identification of Molecular Alterations Predicting Cancer Development

Ruben, Dr. Peter

Molecular Cardiac Physiology group 
Email: pruben@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Biophysics of ion channels, congenital heart disease, congenital epilepsy, congenital skeletal muscle disease, ion channel evolution

Tibbits, Dr. Glen 

Molecular Cardiac Physiology group 
Phone: (778) 782-3658
Email: tibbits@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Molecular cardiac physiology, cardiac contractility, congenital heart disease, calcium regulation in the heart

Vieira, Dr. Amandio

Associate Professor 
Nutrition and metabolism research Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-4251 
Email: avvieira@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Nutrition and metabolism, dietary antioxidants and phytochemicals, cellular and nutrient transport

Wakeling, Dr. James

Neuromuscular Mechanics Lab 
Phone: (778) 782-8444 
Email: wakeling@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Neuromusclar Mechanics


White, Dr. Matthew 

Associate Professor 
Lab for Exercise and Environment Physiology 
Phone: (778) 782-3344 
Email: matt@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Human temperature regulation, control of breathing and energy expenditure

Teaching Faculty

Arnold, Anne-Kristina

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-5213
Email: aarnolda@sfu.ca 

Research Interests:
Ergonomics, design, occupational environments, RSIY

Bedoya, Diana

Senior Lecturer
Phone: (778) 782-6623
Email: dbedoya@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Obesity, behaviour change, weight management

Carter, Dr. Jim

Phone: (778) 782-4231 
Email: carter@sfu.ca 

Dill, Ryan 

Senior Lecturer, Associate Chair, Operations, and Undergraduate Program Chair
Phone: (778) 782-7851 
Email: ryand@sfu.ca 


Leyland, Tony 

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-4338 
Email: leyland@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Active health, physical conditioning of elite athletes, nutrition, biomechanics, human physical performance and fitness assessment

Ramer, Dr. Leanne

Phone: (778) 782-
Email: leanne_ramer@sfu.ca 

Rosenblat, Michael

Phone: (778) 782-9084
Email: michael_rosenblat@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Exercise programming for endurance sport, risk factors for sport-related injury

Walsh, Dr. Michael

Senior Lecturer 
Phone: (778) 782-4065 
Email: walsha@sfu.ca 

Wicks, Dr. Nadine

Phone: (778) 782-3615
Email: nwicks@sfu.ca