Meet our Administrative Team, who is responsible for planning and ensuring the smooth running of SFU Camps.

Jason Stockley, Camps Manager

For more than 20 years, Jason has been working with Recreation & Athletics at Simon Fraser University.  After working in SFU Rec Sports for a number of years, Jason joined the camps team as Camps Manager where he has been for the past 16 years. A fun fact about Jason is that he was a part of the original Vancouver Canucks Ice Promotion Team!

On Working at SFU Camps: “I love seeing campers get excited about the University experience after having a great time at SFU Camps. I also love seeing former campers who decide to give back as volunteers, gain great work experience as instructors, or even begin their professional careers as a programmer.”


Justin Theiss, Camps Manager

Justin graduated from Simon Fraser University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. He brings years of experience working with children and the public through his experiences at SFU Camps and as a volunteer at Burnaby General Hospital. Justin has a passion for helping others as a future healthcare professional and is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for children, youth, and their families. Outside of his time at SFU Camps, Justin enjoys hiking, reading, and camping.

Favourite Camp Memory: “When I was an instructor for our Science Camp, one day out of nowhere, our Head Instructor got everyone up on their feet and we all danced and sang to ‘Despacito’! I love all these moments of fun and spontaneity we get to have at camp.”

Curtis Lau, Camps Coordinator

Curtis is a graduate of Simon Fraser University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences. Curtis brings over 10 years of camp experience as a lifeguard, aquatics camp instructor, and as a former Head Programmer. His favourite water-based activities include dragon boating, swimming, and snorkeling. On land, Curtis enjoys trying out new restaurants, travelling, and cheering on his favourite sports teams.

Favourite Camp Memory: Coming Soon

Heidi Yeung, Head Programmer of Human Resources

Heidi attended Simon Fraser University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. With 5 years of experience with SFU Camps, Heidi’s uses her inside knowledge of each program to create engaging and memorable summer experiences for camp participants, staff, and volunteers. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys hot yoga and running but only to counteract the constant eating she does as a self-proclaimed foodie!

Favourite Camp Memory: “When I was an instructor for one of our outdoor camps, we went on a field trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge. I am terribly afraid of heights, but a camper took my hand and walked me across the bridge, telling me ‘it’s going to be okay, you can do it’. As instructors, we frequently think that we have lasting impressions on the kids, but I think it’s often times the other way around.”


Justin Chui, Head Programmer of Volunteers

Justin is a graduate from the Kinesiology program at The University of British Columbia where he concentrated his studies in Physical Education and Health. This is Justin's 5th year with SFU Camps and he brings years of experience as a badminton coach and holds several coaching certifications. As a prospective Secondary Physical Education teacher, Justin enjoys powerlifting, food and nutrition, and giving back to his community as a volunteer badminton coach for a local high school. He is committed to creating an enthusiastic and motivated volunteer team at SFU Camps.

Favourite Camp Memory: As a Computer Camp Head Instructor, I mentored two volunteers to both individually teach an entire lesson by themselves. They both performed amazingly and were very receptive to feedback. This was a significant moment for me as a mentor, leader, and future teacher. I can't wait to work with all our volunteers to grow and develop their skills.

Brendan Lau, Head Programmer of Camp Services

Brendan is a graduate of The University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Computer Engineering. He draws on 3 previous years of camp experience and is also a former SFU Camps participant and volunteer. A fun fact about Brendan is that he is an avid baker and ultimate frisbee player!

On Working at SFU Camps: “I have found it very fulfilling to work in an environment that is built on human connections and helping others. Working at SFU Camps has helped me to discover my own personal and professional passions and has led to me pursue a future career in nursing.”

Jason Roh, Head Programmer of Facilities & Finance

Jason attended Simon Fraser University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He has worked at SFU Camps for 3 years and brings knowledge from his experiences as a physiotherapy coach and integration support worker. As an aspiring pediatric Occupational Therapist, Jason enjoys keeping active by hitting the gym and swimming. To relax and recharge, Jason loves watching movies and playing Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch.

Favourite Camp Memory: “When I was an instructor for Mini-University, a camper drew a cartoon of me with very thin stick legs. He drew an arrow to the legs and wrote ‘Jason skips leg day’! I can always count on the kids to give me a good laugh.”

Michelle Jung, Head Programmer of Educational Services

Michelle graduated from The University of British Columbia, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Sciences and Bachelor of Education. This is Michelle’s 8th year with SFU Camps. She brings years of experience as a SFU Camps instructor, soccer coach, and tutor. Michelle enjoys working with kids so much that during the off-camp season, she spends the year as a Kindergarten teacher with the Vancouver School Board. In her free time, Michelle enjoys photography, binge watching HGTV, eating copious amounts of sushi, and watching musicals.

On Working at SFU Camps: “Over the years, I have found it very rewarding to watch as former campers become volunteers, and as former volunteers become instructors. It makes me feel proud to know that our programs have such a lasting impact and it's such a celebration to see our volunteers and staff grow as leaders.”

Charity Chan, Head Programmer of International Camps

Charity attended Simon Fraser University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Originally a volunteer with SFU Rec Sports and Health & Wellness Assistant at SFU Recreation, Charity joined SFU Camps 3 years ago. Charity’s hobbies include singing, playing the guitar, babysitting her adorable nephew Theo, and scouting Vancouver for the best laksa.

Favourite Camps Memory: “When I was an instructor, one of my volunteers came up to me very concerned. She told me that she had forgotten to nominate me for staff of the week and that she felt terrible. I told her not to worry about it; but the following week, she gave me a hand-written letter saying how much she appreciated all my help and mentorship. I still have their letter.”

Jessica Mayne, Assistant Programmer

Jessica is a 4th year Business student at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. With 4 years of SFU Camps experience, Jessica enjoys working with others to create a dynamic and synergistic camp environment. On her days off, Jessica enjoys skiing (winter), blueberry picking (summer), and spending time with her family and friends (all year round).

Favourite Camp Memory: “I was on a field trip to Deep Cove and I was in a kayak with an international camper. She couldn't speak much English but she ‘ooed and awwed’ at the mountains and water around as I paddled us forward. It was such a rewarding moment for me to be part of.”

Waverley Jang, Assistant Programmer

Waverley is a 4th year Bachelor of General Studies in Education student at Simon Fraser University. She is an aspiring elementary school teacher. With a passion for working with kids, Waverley volunteers weekly in a local elementary school and previously coached youth volleyball. With 3 years of SFU Camps experience under her belt, Waverley is excited to continue to create an unforgettable summer for participants, parents, staff, and volunteers! An interesting fact about Waverley is that she shares water related names with her dogs. Her current dog is named Ocean, her past dog was named Tsunami, and Waverley’s nickname is Wave.

Favourite Camp Memory: “When I was an instructor, I loved talking and building connections with our international campers. One week, a bunch of visiting campers wanted to take a photo with me as a souvenir to show their family back home. I love being apart of such a rich and memorable experience for our campers!”