Volunteer Application Summer 2024

Please note: Submissions sent BEFORE January 22 or AFTER April 11 will NOT be considered for the 2024 intake. Please make sure you submit within the set timeline.

Personal Information

If you do not have a personal cell phone, please list a phone number that we can reach you at (e.g., a parent's).
If you do not have a personal email, please list an email that we can reach you at. Please ensure this is an email you are able to check and respond to.

Educational History

Current Education Status
Are you planning to use SFU Camps for your school's work experience program?

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Past Involvement with SFU Camps

Are you a returning SFU Camps Volunteer?
Did you attend Leadership camp at SFU Camps?

Final Questions

Please note that we require volunteers to commit to at least two weeks of volunteering in Summer 2024. We prioritize those who can volunteer more weeks than others.
Where did you hear about the SFU Camps Volunteer Program?
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Applicant Consent and Signature

I confirm that all the information provided in this form is truthful and has been filled out to the best of my ability. I confirm that I, the applicant, was the one to complete this application and that no one else completed this application on my behalf. I understand that I will be required to attend one interview session AND one training session to be able to volunteer with SFU Camps & Youth Programs. I also understand that should I be offered a position with SFU Camps, I will be required to undergo a criminal record check and submit the completed documents before my position start date.