Our goal is to offer a fun and safe camp experience for all participants. To make this possible, we have a few guidelines that we aim to follow throughout the camp day. 

May 26, 2023 Updates: gov.bc.ca and SFU

Please see our policy page for information on air quality, heat, and environmental safety. 

Personal & Environmental Hygiene

  • Frequent handwashing and/or alcohol based hand sanitizer 
  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces and materials


Stay Home if Sick

  • Any campers, staff, or volunteers with symptoms must stay at home


Face Masks

  • We support staff, volunteers, and campers to continue to wear masks based on their own comfort and risk factors


Visit our FAQ page to see responses to common questions and scenarios. If you have questions remaining, please contact us

Summer 2021 (past)

Health & Safety Measures

What can I expect at sign-in and sign-out?

  • We ask that only one caregiver per household drop off and pick up the child(ren) to help us reduce occupancy and overcrowding during busy periods.
  • Additional sign-in and sign-out locations have been added. Specific camp locations will be provided in your welcome to camp email and directional signs will be posted.
  • Please maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres and follow all one-way direction arrows.
  • Spectating and visiting are not permitted. Once signed-in or out is confirmed, we kindly ask that you leave the area 

Will there be a health screening when my child arrives to camp?

  • All persons visiting and working at SFU facilities are required to perform a daily health screening. This includes SFU Camps staff and volunteers.
  • During sign-in on the first day of camp, a verbal health screening may be performed by staff for each camper. On subsequent days, staff will ask if there have been any changes to a child's health or wellness.
    • Have you or any members of your household experienced any cold or flu symptoms within the past 14 days?
    • Have you or any members of your household travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days?
    • Have you or any members of your household had close contact with someone who has tested positive or is awaiting test results for COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

Is my child expected to practice physical distancing during camp?

  • All staff, volunteers, and campers will be encouraged to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres while at SFU Camps. 
  • We understand that campers ability to physical distance may depend on their age and development. If physical distance cannot be maintained, our staff will wear a face mask or covering to protect from possible transmission.

Will my child share supplies or equipment with other children?

  • Our staff have designed and adapted games, activities, and drills to promote social interaction while limiting the use of shared or exchanged materials. In sport camps, the focus will be on individual skill development rather than scrimmage or game play.
  • At times, your child may be assigned specific supplies or equipment. These materials may be labelled with your child's name and only be used by your child during the activity, day or week.
  • If equipment (ie. ball) must be exchanged (ie. passed) between individuals, our staff will encourage everyone to exchange the equipment in a way that limits the use of hands (eg. passing by kicking vs passing by throwing).
  • If materials are shared or exchanged, they will be sanitized both before and after use. All campers and staff will be required to wash their hands or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer before and after using these materials. 

How and where will my child eat lunch?

  • Everyone will wash their hands or use alchol based hand sanitizer before and after snacks and meals.
  • Sharing food and drinks will not be permitted, even between siblings or members of the same household.
  • Please label all water bottles, containers, cutlery, and lunch boxes with your child's first and last name. Please send containers, snacks, and meals that your child can open and eat independently.
  • When possible, campers will eat snacks and meals outdoors. 
  • Campers will be provided individualized places to eat. If seated, specific spots will be assigned and surfaces will be sanitized before and after eating.

What personal hygiene measures will be in place?

  • Hand washing or use of alcohol based hand sanitizer will be available before activities begin, throughout the day (ie. after using the washroom, after activities, meal times, after touching face, coughing, sneezing etc.), and before leaving.
  • Staff will encourage respiratory etiquette: Using a sleeve or elbow to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

Does my child need to bring hand sanitizer?

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer will be provided at SFU Camps, however your child is welcome to bring and use their own hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer brought from home may not be shared with other campers.

Is my child required to wear a mask? Will staff wear masks?

  • Camp capacities have been greatly reduced to allow for physical distancing and to minimize contact.
  • Outdoor Activities: As a physical distance of at least 2 metres will be encouraged, wearing a mask or face covering is a personal choice.
  • Indoor Activities: Campers ages 5+ are required to wear a face mask with the exception of physical activity, snack and lunch times. 

Can you help my child apply sunscreen?

  • Please help your child apply sunscreen, bug spray, etc. before arriving to camp. 
  • Our staff are unable to assist your child with cream sunscreen but will provide verbal prompts to encourage your child to apply cream sunscreen independently. 
  • Our staff are happy to assist your child with spray sunscreen and bug spray when possible.

What happens if my child is sick or shows cold or flu-like symptoms while at camp? What if my child requires first aid?

  • As per guidance from health authorities, anyone at SFU Camps who expresses they feel ill or exhibits COVID-19-like symptoms will be separated from the group and moved to either a) shaded outdoor space or, b) large indoor space.
  • If your child is is ill (eg. headache, stomachache) or exhibits COVID-19-like symptoms, a first aid attendant, supervisor or manager will put on a face mask or face covering and stay with your child to assess and support their health and well-being. If necessary, a parent/guardian will be contacted to pick the child up as soon as possible.
  • As per first aid guidelines, first aid responders will follow standard precautions. An assessment performed by the first aid responder may require the responder to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as a face mask, eye protection, gloves, and/or gown to protect from respiratory or fluid transmission.