Course Mail Lists FAQ

Which courses have e-mail lists?

Every CMPT course taught during the current semester has a corresponding e-mail list on the domain.

How are the course mail lists named?

The name of an e-mail list is, where 'xxx' is the course number.

CMPT 354, for example, has the list name cmpt-354 AT sfu DOT ca.

No section number is used if there is a single section.

In the case of multiple sections, -d1, -d2, -e1, -c1, etc. is added to the name as appropriate.

e.g. cmpt-101-d1 AT sfu DOT ca, cmpt-101-d2 AT sfu DOT ca.

Which SFU accounts are added to the course mail lists?

  • The course instructor
  • The course teaching assistant(s)
  • Registered students
  • Special requests from the instructor

When are registered students added and dropped?

E-mail lists are automatically updated daily, according to information obtained from the Registrar's Office.

How do I find out if I am on an e-mail list?

Log on to your SFU Account Management web page to check and manage your mail list memberships.

How do I contact my Instructor(s) and/or TA(s)?

Follow your instructor's instructions for contact. Some instructors make use of the -help list created for each course. In that case, send an e-mail to cmpt-xxx-help AT sfu DOT ca, where 'xxx' is your course number. For example, to contact your instructor(s) and TA(s) for CMPT-125-d2, send your email to: cmpt-125-d2-help AT sfu DOT ca.

Whom should I contact about e-mail problems with my account?

Please e-mail helpdesk. In some cases the problem must be handled by SFU IT Services (help AT sfu DOT ca), but helpdesk AT cs DOT sfu DOT ca will forward it to them if necessary.

Who can send to a course list?

For CMPT courses, only instructors and TAs can send to the course mail list.

If you are a TA of a course but could not send to the course maillist, please e-mail helpdesk asap - just be sure to indentify yourself as the TA of the course within the message.

Where can I find the emails sent to a specific CMPT course maillist?

All CMPT course mail lists are archived. You can view these archives via the "Maillist archive" link on the Course Home Page Index and Maillists page.

For the messages sent to all CSIL users, you may visit this archive page.

For the messages sent to all CMPT undergraduate students, you may visit this archive page.


*IMPORTANT*: do NOT forward your SFU email off-campus. The benefit does not cover the chaos it creates. Remember: do NOT forward your SFU email to other email providers.

For more information on SFU email please click here.

Last updated @ 2021.11.17