Maillist User Guideget help

Maillist is a web application for managing lists of email addresses. It is specifically designed  to simplify managing lists of SFU addresses for course-related mailing lists. Maillist allows you to easily create and manage any number of mailing lists.

When you first log into Maillist ( you will see the default home page. This contains the table of contents (which will appear on every page), a description of the items in the table of contents, and a description of recent changes that have been made to Maillist.

Find Maillists

Find mailists which you can join, or maillists that you own or manage, and want to edit.

Create New Maillist

Create a new standard maillist, course maillist, or academic plan list.

Edit Maillists

Manage the maillists properties, members, sender restrictions. Check the maillists message delivery history and change logs


Modify your preferences; such as managing your delegates and saved searches

Policies and Etiquette

Read about the naming guidelines for maillists, who can create maillists, sender restrictions and the appropriate use of maillists