Technical Support

Technical support for the the School of Computing Science is provided by the Computing Science Technical Support group (CSTS). Please contact us if you require support in the Computing Science Instructional Labs (CSIL) at the Burnaby or Surrey campuses, or for assistance on techincal issues of the School. For more details on contacting CSTS, click here.

IT services at all three SFU campuses are provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) of SFU; and our research infrastructure is supported by the Research Computing Group (RCG) (formerly known as the Network Support Group (NSG).

You may contact these groups directly, but we recommend you contact helpdesk of the School so we could keep provide better services.

Computing Science Website

All requests and updates to the Computing Science webpages should be directed to:  csweb AT

Server Rooms

Home to the Burnaby and Surrey CSIL and administrative servers, as well as servers used for computing science research. We can provide a spot to host your research server (- please note: the server must be rack-mountable). Please contact the helpdesk

Computing Science Instructional Labs (CSIL)

The Computing Science Instructional Labs (CSIL) are used by students to complete work assigned by their instructors.  Sofware and hardware purchases for CSIL are prioritized by the Hardware & Capital Resources Committee. Access to our labs is restricted to registered CMPT undergraduate students, CMPT graduate students, faculty, and staff. Please contact us if you require assistance with access, enhancements, or issues in the lab.

Graduate Student Labs

Our graduate student labs are available to CMPT graduate students and research faculty.  Research visitors may also be given access.  Software and hardware purchases for the graduate student labs are prioritized by the Hardware & Capital Resources Committee. Please contact us if you require assistance, or have enhancement requests.  

Assignment Labs - CS Students

We coordinate with ITS for the use of assignment labs at Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campus - for all programs of the School of Computing Science.


We develop and support various applications and systems to aid in the operations of the School. You will find links on our Intranet page (restricted access). If you have a request for an enhancement or a new system/project, please email us.

Workstation and printer services

We maintain workstation and printer services for all our Computing Science users. If you require assistance, please contact us.

Technical Support - Events & Seminars

We can provide technical assistance with Computing Science events and seminars. Please contact us in advance if you require technical support for your event.  

SFU Technical Support

There are many technical support groups on campus (RCG, ITS, NS, etc.) that can be working together on a single technical request.  We coordinate with various technical groups, advocating on behalf of all computer science users. Please submit a ticket.

Computer Science Research Facilities

We will assist in the setup and maintenance of research facilities. We can identify and recommend appropriate equipment for all your computing needs. How can we help you? Please contact us for more information. 

Technology Purchases

We can assist our faculty and staff in selecting, purchasing, and installing computer hardware and software. Please contact us for assistance. 

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