Debra Finlayson

Human Resources Management

An experienced HR consultant and instructor in our Human Resources Management Certificate program, Debra Finlayson currently teaches two courses: Human Resources Management and Workplace Training and Development. Recently, we chatted with Debra about her courses and who can benefit from them.

Who would you recommend take the Human Resources Management Certificate or courses?

Individuals with human resources expertise are highly valued in organizations. This management certificate program provides learners with the critical skills to manage people well. It benefits those in senior positions who wish to manage the people side more effectively, new Canadians with HR backgrounds that require important Canadian HR knowledge to work in Canada and anyone wishing to really explore HR as a career of choice.

What type of career path can the learning lead to or further advance?

This certificate program is practical training for any individual who is pursuing work as an HR generalist. It provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to comprehend strategic human resources functions in Canada. I heard recently there is HR in every HERO. I agree!

What’s the most valuable thing students will learn in your courses?

In Human Resources Management, you will develop and present an HR proposal using an HR scorecard that links back to the business strategy of the organization. The course covers the overall function of human resources aligned with the CPHR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources) competencies. You will know how to implement comprehensive human resources practices in your current or future organization.

In Workforce Training and Development, you will develop a full-day training course and instruct a 45-minute training lesson. The course covers the training needs analysis process, in-house training methodologies through to training evaluations for in-house or outsourced training. You will gain the confidence to teach your peers an important topic of choice.

What’s one piece of advice you would give mature students returning to school?

Lifelong learning is key in staying current in the rapidly changing world of work. In the Human Resources Management Certificate, program instructors work as partners in your learning. No matter where you are situated in your career, you have important experience to share with your peers, and it is our aim to support you in reaching your individual career goals.

What do you enjoy most about teaching in this program?

All of the students are highly engaged in the program and bring a diverse range of experience coming from different backgrounds, which adds practical applications to the course material. It is extremely rewarding for me to support students at all stages of their careers. I enjoy hearing from students as they reach important milestones in their careers.

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