Diversity Meter 2019 at SFU

October 18, 2019

Update: The Diversity Meter final report is now available in the Reports section.

In November 2019, Simon Fraser University will launch its first Diversity Meter, a survey designed to help us better understand and serve the unique and outstanding faculty and staff of our community. As the chair of the committee of the executive to advance SFU’s work in matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion, I personally wanted to take a minute to explain how this initiative will be running independently at SFU.

About Diversity Meter
Diversity Meter is a unique method that uses an online tool to measure levels of inclusion and diversity in the workforce. The technique, process and online tool have been developed by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), an external charitable organization specializing in promoting diversity and inclusion in Canada. To date, Diversity Meter has been implemented in over 100 organizations.

Diversity Meter at SFU
On November 13, all SFU faculty and staff will be invited to participate in Diversity Meter. You will receive a system-generated email from CCDI with the instructions to access a strictly confidential online survey. Your answers will be gathered and protected by CCDI and no information provided will be shared with Simon Fraser University apart from anonymous and aggregated data.

The information collected in the Diversity Meter will help us better understand the diversity of our faculty and staff and to develop or improve specific programs, policies, and practices that will support the SFU community. The survey will also provide us with important information about whether we are meeting the needs of our community and fostering a welcoming environment while protecting the privacy of our staff and faculty.

Our goal is to ensure our campuses are welcoming places for everyone to gather and learn and that all who work or study here feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, fairness and mutual respect. The ultimate goal is to create the conditions to foster a culture of inclusion and healthy campus environment.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to get familiar with this initiative and the starting date to participate: Wednesday, November 13, 2019. 


Joy Johnson, Vice-President, Research and International

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