Celebrating Pride

June 01, 2023

Every June, people around the world come together to participate in Pride Month. 

For the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Pride is a chance to reflect on the past, look forward to the future and join in celebration. 

It is important to remember that Pride Month has its roots in protests and resistance, in particular the Stonewall Riots that followed the June 28, 1969 raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. 

In Canada, the fight for LGBTQIA2S+ rights has its own rich history of struggle, from the first gay rights protests in 1971 to the riots in the wake of the Toronto bathhouse raids in 1981. Explore a timeline of milestones in the history of Pride in Canada.

SFU has an ongoing responsibility to create a welcoming place for all LGBTQIA2S+ members of the SFU community. If you’ve experienced discrimination and need support, please reach out

Out On Campus, which is funded by the Simon Fraser Student Society and the Graduate Student Society, is a great resource that supports SFU’s LGBTQIA2S+ students and allies by providing a non-judgmental, confidential space to express sexual and gender identity and information about LGBTQIA2S+ culture, history and issues. They can also connect you with local resources to help you manage their mental, physical and sexual health. They also regularly share updates, news and events on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

For those interested in becoming an effective ally, the EDI resource library has supports and toolkits. SFU faculty and staff have access to free webinars through the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. SFU employees can also learn to advance LGBTQIA2S+ inclusion through Pride at Work Canada

Attend an event

  • Show and Share: Surrey Pride
    May 30 - September 3 | Museum of Surrey
    Curated by SFU GSWS Professor Jen Marchbank, the Show and Share display will feature objects from Surrey’s Rainbow community. This collection of personal objects and photos offers insights into the many experiences that help build personal identity. 
  • CCDI Webinar: DEI stories of success: 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion
    June 8 | Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
    How can organizations demonstrate allyship towards individuals identifying as 2SLGBTQI+? DEI leaders discuss Canada’s first Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action plan and share success stories of initiatives that lead to creating an inclusive and psychologically safe space for individuals identifying as 2SLGBTQI+.
  • Pride at Work Canada Webinar: Advancing Two-Spirit and Indigenous Inclusion in the Workplace
    June 14 | Pride at Work Canada
    Through this webinar, gain the knowledge and tools needed to create a more inclusive and respectful workplace culture for 2SLGBTIQA+ Indigenous employees. Our expert presenter will provide valuable insights into the experiences of Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBQTIA+ employees and jobseekers in accessing and retaining affirming employment, and share best practices for hiring and retaining 2SLGBTQIA+ Indigenous talent.
  • Surrey Pride Festival
    June 24 | Surrey Pride Society

  • Then, Now, and Things to Come: A Conversation with barbara findlay
    June 29 | SFU Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office
    Join us for a conversation with barbara findlay, a visionary human rights lawyer with almost 50 years of experience challenging societal norms in an effort to reveal and repair systemic oppression. Together we will explore the Canadian landscape of 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, lessons learned, and things to consider as we confront new (and old) hate and intolerance in our communities.

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It can be difficult to access mental health services, especially those that are affirming of 2S/LGBTQ+ people. In addition to barriers that are commonly experienced by people of all sexual orientations and gender identities (e.g., cost, accessible location, embarrassment/shame), 2S/LGBTQ+ people often face added barriers when navigating mental health supports. Founded by SFU Faculty of Health Science Assistant Professor Travis Salway, MindMapBC helps users to locate mental health services that are accessible, free or low-cost, and/or 2S/LGBTQ+-affirming. Find services near you, at

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