Industrial Internship

We believe that graduate students need to augment their research experience and knowledge with numerous skills through placements in the industry or other research organizations. Our graduate students will learn and sharpen the necessary skills required which will increase their chances of employability after completing their degrees.

The School of Engineering Science does not have a specific co-op program for graduate students. Alternatively, our graduate programs curriculum allow stduents to include up to three Industrial Internships (depends on the program) that provide students with the opportunity to undertake internships of work in industry or other research institutes.

These internships allow students to either

(1) focus on the practical aspects of their research projects, which have been well identified prior to students applying for an internship, or
(2) develop and define a research project from their internship experience. These internships could not form more than 50% of the total program of study.


Students interested in registering in an Industrial Internship (ENSC 704) must complete the following pre-requisites:
a) 12 units of ENSC coursework at the 800-level or higher with a minimum CGPA of 3.0
b) Approval from the Supervisor (MASc and PhD) or GPC Associate Chair (MEng) is required prior to applying for, and accepting an internship offer.


ENSC 704 towards to your program

MEng: ENSC 704 Industrial Internship can be taken twice (a total of 6 units) and counted towards the "15 units of additional graduate courses" requirement

MASc: At most 3 units may be ENSC 891 Directed Studies I or ENSC 704 Industrial Internship can be used towards the "6 units of additional graduate courses" requirement (can be taken once)

PhD: ENSC 704 Industrial Internship can be taken once (a total of 3 units) and counted towards the "12 units of additional graduate courses" requirement


Application Process


Required Documents

After reviewing the FAS website, students are required to submit the following documents for ENSC 704 enrollment to FAS Graduate Program Coordinator at

  1. Copy of the work permit (if applicable);
  2. Copy of the Offer Letter from the company/employer;
  3. Supervisor Industrial Internship Approval Form (template);
  4. Supervisor Industrial Internship COI Form (template);
  5. Student Declaration Letter (template)

Taking Courses While Enrolled in ENSC 704

While on a work term, students retain full-time student status at the University. An appeal must be submitted to the School of Engineering Science if you intend to take a course while on an internship semester. Students are required to upload the instructor’s and employer’s approval with their appeals.

Submit the form here:

Resources from the School

Due to conflict of interests, our School is unable to provide advising on job seeking. Students can find resources from SFU Career Services and Community: