Forms & Program Resources

Forms Submission Procedures

  1. Request Submission: Student submits a request form
  2. Academic Unit Approval: ENSC Graduate Program Chair signs the form
  3. Graduate Studies (GS) Office Approval: GS office processes the form and adds to student’s record

Students are always encouraged to visit Graduate Studies (GS) website to learn how to manage your program. In case of any information inconsistency, GS' version will be used for final decision.

Student requests: please allow at least 3 business days of turnaround time for processing. Any forms requiring signatures, please follow the signature convention. Signing in a wrong format will result a longer processing time. 

Please rename the completed form to the following naming convention: Date_StudentName_SupervisorName_FormName.

Academic Progress Report 

The Academic Progress Report (APR) is an interactive course mapping tool designed to help current graduate students understand their degree and program requirements.

As you progress through your academic program, the APR will show which program requirements have been satisfied and which are still outstanding. The APR only captures the requirements that are based on courses. 

The APR does not guarantee that your degree/program will be awarded once all of the program requirements have become satisfied. The report assumes that you will successfully complete any course(s) in which you are currently enrolled (in-progress). 


The report cannot be run for exchange students, visiting students, qualifying students, or non-degree students. If you have completed or been withdrawn from your program, no report will be available for the program.

  1. Log into
  2. Click the 'other academic...' drop-down and find 'Academic Requirements'

The Academic Progress Report has two sections of requirements: requirements specific to your program and university minimum requirements.

The minimum University requirements listed on the report are based on the Graduate General Regulations and the student's degree level (i.e. Master, PhD, Certificate, Graduate Diploma).

When you enroll in capstone courses (e.g. thesis, project, extended essays), the requirement will display 'Satisfied' even though the course is still in progress. Please keep in mind that in order to graduate, you will need to receive a 'S' grade.


If you are approved for an exception for your program requirements, this will be recorded on your academic progress report. If you have had an exception approved but do not see it on your report, please contact the graduate program assistant.

For more infomation about APR, visit GS' website here.


Leave of Absence and Program Transfer

From time to time, students find it necessary to interrupt their studies. In this case, they must apply for a leave of absence. Students in their first term should apply for an admission deferral rather than a leave of absence. A retroactive request for a leave of absence normally will not be allowed.

Submit a leave of absence form to the Graduate Program Assistant at to request on leave. 

For program transfer, please see the information on Graduate Studies website and submit the program transfer form


Enrollment for ENSC 813 and ENSC 851 

Due to limited seats, the following courses enrollment is by application only. Please submit the following online course enrollment application form on Coursys, the form will be forwarded to the instructor for review. You will be notified via email of the outcome of your request.

ENSC 813 - Deep Learning Systems for Engineering

ENSC 851 - Circuit Technology


Course Enrollment and Audit

Submit the course add/drop form if you are

  • enrolling to an undergraduate course
  • auditing a course
  • enrolling after week 5 

Submit the form with the course instructor’s signature, your supervisor’s signature (MASc and PhDs only), and the FAS advisor’s signature for undergraduate course.

Enrollment period closes on at the end of week 2, that is also the last day students can self-enroll to classes through goSFU. After that day, students will need to follow the instructions below for course enrollment:

  • To add an ENSC course that requires permission, or a non-ENSC course, submit the course add/drop form with the course instructor’s signature and your supervisor’s signature (MASc and PhDs only). 
  • To enroll in an ENSC course that does not require any permission before week 5, contact the Graduate Program Assistant 

The course add/drop form should be submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant at

See the course audit policy if you are planning to audit a course >


Advance Credit

If a student completed graduate courses prior to being admitted at Simon Fraser University, they may apply to receive advance credit.

To receive advance credit, the following conditions apply:

  1. The courses must not have been applied toward the requirements for a previously completed credential, unless this is permitted in the Senate approved program requirements.
  2. The courses must have been completed within three years of starting the Simon Fraser University program.
  3. The minimum grade required is a B, although the grade achieved will not be included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average.
  4. Application for advance credit must be approved by the graduate program committee and the dean of graduate studies, either before admission or within the first year of enrollment.

The advance credit form should be submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant at



Visit here for your graduation checklist.

You can apply for graduation while completing your final courses in your last term. Don't wait until you have received your grades or have defended your thesis before submitting your application.

  • If you are completing your final courses in December or April, apply during the Fall or Spring term, respectively. Your convocation ceremony will take place in June.
  • If you are completing your final courses in August, apply during the Summer term. Your convocation ceremony will take place in October.

To check your application status

From the main page in goSFU, select the Main Menu>Self Service>Graduation/Convocation>Grad Application Status.

To get your credential completion letter

You can generate this letter once your application has been approved, and until your credential has been awarded and you have received your Senate letter. Your Senate Letter will be emailed to your SFU email address. You can generate your own by going to your Student Centre on goSFU. Under the “Academics” section, use the drop-down menu to select “Credential Completion Letter”. Select the credential for which you want the letter and it will be emailed to your SFU email account. 

See the instructions here.