Tara holland

School of Environmental science & department of geography


Tara is a Lecturer, cross-appointed in Environmental Science and Geography, and her academic career is focused on teaching. She has taught at Bishop's University, University of Guelph, Quest University Canada, and University of British Columbia. Most recently she held a position as a Science Education Specialist at UBC. Her current research involves assessing the best teaching methods for improving student learning and engagement. She has multidisciplinary interests, and in past positions has researched climate change impacts and adaptation in natural resource sectors, human impacts on coastal environments, and forest fragmentation patterns in Canada. Tara's teaching is informed by her interdisciplinary research, and she loves to challenge students to think critically and to embrace (and enjoy!) the lifelong process of learning.


  • PhD. Geography (2014) University of Guelph
  • M.Sc. Geography (2005) University of Guelph
  • B.Sc. Biological Science (1997) University of Guelph


Future courses may be subject to change.