register as a professional biologist, agrologist, or geoscientist

Similar to Engineering and Medicine, there are many other regulated professions in Canada, such as a Biologist, Agrologist, or Geoscientist. To use the professional Biologist, Agrologist, or Geoscientist title and work in related fields, one needs to be accredited by the legislating body in the province in which they wish to practice. Individuals who wish to work in a professional designation must be registered by a professional organization, such as the BC Institute of Agrologists (BCIA)

What is the registered professional biologist (RPBio) designation?

Registered Professional biologist

Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) status is an important qualification for BC biologists practicing in BC. Students can qualify for accreditation as a RPBio through the College of Applied Biology (CAB)

Registered Professional Biologists work in a wide range of professions, such as research, education, project management, planning, consultation, and technician. 

How do i become a registered professional biologist?

The SFU Environmental Science program is now accredited by the College of Applied Biology (CAB) and all students completing the EVSC Major or Honours curriculum from Spring 2021 and beyond will meet the educational eligibility to be Registered Professional Biologists (RPBio) if they have followed the curriculum exactly, with no substitutions or deviations. RPBio status is then possible after three years of appropriate work experience and completion of an acceptable professional report. Students and graduates may join the CAB as student biologists and biologists in training (BIT), respectively, before they meet all of the qualifications.

Note: Applicants that graduated from programs prior to the year of accreditation must apply through Stream 2 and include course descriptions with their applications. The Environmental Science program advisor does not advise students on the specific RPBio requirements, as they are established by CAB, so students are advised to check directly with CAB for advising and can use the CAB Self-Assessment Tool to check their current eligibility.

RPBIO advisory information & other information

What is the professional agrologist (P.AG.) designation?

Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.)

Professional Agrologists are natural resource professionals who work in a wide range of industries, such as food production, agri-tech, and ecosystem sustainability.

Starting from September 2022, all Agrology services within British Columbia must be performed by a professional agrologist. Students can qualify for accreditation as a P.AG. through the Institute of Agrologists (BCIA)

how do i become a professional agrologist?

The SFU Environmental Science program is not presently accredited by the BC Institute of Agrologists (BCIA). Students in the Applied Biology, Environmental Earth Systems, and Water Science concentrations do meet the educational requirements of the Professional Agrologist (PAg) registration if they complete all courses as outlined in the curriculum with no substitutions. New courses are being added to the list all the time, so students are advised to check directly with BCIA for advising on course eligibility and to fill in the Academic Worksheet to see their eligibility more fully.

Other important resources

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  • P.AG. Program Requirements 

What is the professional geoscientist designation?

Professional geoscientist (P.Gep)

The right to practice in and accept professional responsibility for geoscience in BC is limited to registered members of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC). 

Professional Geoscientists work in a wide range of areas, such as project management, forestry management, research, and rehabilitation. The professional Geoscientist designation is managed by the Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC).

How do i become a professional geoscientist?

The SFU School of Environmental Science Program is not presently accredited by the EGBC. Students are advised to check directly with the EGBC for advising. 

Important Resources

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