All students start the program in the General Environmental Science General concentration. If you want to complete your degree in any of the other six areas of specific concentration or change your concentration from any of the other areas of specific concentration to Environmental Science General concentration, please submit the following form.

Declaring allows you to have easier course planning and a better planned graduation date. If you want to further discuss your academic plans, connect with the Advisor through our Advising link for quick access. 

Declaration Guidelines

  • Declaring your concentration is now as easy as clicking a button. It only takes 1 minute to select/declare your area of concentration via this form. 
  • Wait for the thank you screen at the end of the process to ensure that your application was successfully sent. 
  • If you don't see the thank you screen complete and send the form again. Please contact the SFU Program Assistant via email at if you continue facing technical difficulties. 
  • Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within 5 business days from the Environmental Science Academic Advisor.  In some cases, it might take longer to receive the confirmation email.


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