Environmental Science Program

Environmental Science is an undergraduate program that fosters critical thinking about how the world works and teaches students to use science to resolve environmental problems.

The Program offers both Major and Honours options leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. 

The strengths of the program include: 

The Program provides a broad, interdisciplinary education, with a solid foundation in the physical and biological sciences, anchored by core environmental science courses.

All students complete common core Environmental Science (EVSC) courses each year, which develop key knowledge and skills such as writing, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. 

  • Experiential Learning

Seminars and projects are designed to help students master communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in groups, preparing them for future employment and teamwork as an environmental scientist.  In addition there are two other opportunities to apply what you have learned to real world problems.

Capstone Project

All students complete their program with an EVSC 'capstone' course in their final year where they apply what they've learned to a group research project on a real-world environmental problem. It connects students with community organizations where they assess, analyze and propose solutions.          

Co-operative Education 

Co-operative education combines studies with full-time paid work at top local and international organizations and is available to qualified students in the Faculty of Environment.

Concentrations offer course selections tailored to foster specialized skills and knowledge. Students choose the concentration that allows them to dig deeper into the area of environmental science that interests them most.