Before Recruitment

New Position Request Form

Non-advertised Positions - Request for Approval Form (updated Nov 16/21)

SFU's guidelines for Faculty Recruitment and Retention (updated Oct 11/18)


Checklist for Teaching and Research Faculty Appointments  (updated Aug 18/22)

Recommendation for Appointment Form     (updated Jun 27/22)

Recommendation for Appointment Form - Adjunct / Associate Member 

Recommendation for Appointment - Librarian and Archivist Faculty (updated Sep 6/23)

Academic-Administrative Appointments Form (updated Jul 25/22)

Position Recruitment Record (updated Aug 11/22)

Applicant Information Form - required for searches where non-CDN or PR hired (updated Aug 11/22)

Forms for New Employees

General Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

SFUFA Membership & Dues Form

Personal Data Form 

Mortgage Subsidy-Down Payment Assistance

Mortgage Subsidy and Down Payment Assistance Application Form  (updated March 28/23)

Changes to Appointments

Modification of Appointment Application Form (updated March/22)


Parental Leave Application Form (updated Dec 5/18)

Study Leave Application (updated Dec 7/18)

Leave of Absence Application Form (updated Sept 9/19)

Leave of Absence Application Form - Family and Compassionate Leave (updated Nov 24/21)

Leaving SFU  

Resignation Notice-Acknowledgement Form (updated Jun 10/21)

Retirement Notice-Acknowledgement Form (updated Jun 10/21)

Phased Retirement Notice-Acknowledgement Form (updated Jun 10/21)

Enhanced Early Retirement Application Form (updated Nov16/21)


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.