2024 RTP Procedures memo  (February 29, 2024)

Overview of timeline for administrators (all procedures)

Procedure Timeline Checklist
Contract Renewal for Assistant Professors Timeline Checklist

Tenure and Promotion for Assistant to Associate Professors, or

Tenure only for Associate or Full Professors (appointed without tenure)

Timeline Checklist
Promotion for Associate to Full Professor (already tenured) Timeline Checklist

Lecturer to Sr. Lecturer Promotion, or

Assistant Professor of Practice to Associate Professor of Practice

Timeline Checklist

Sr. Lecturer to Uni. Lecturer Promotion, or

Associate Professor of Practice to Full Professor of Practice

Timeline Checklist
Librarian/Archivist I to Librarian/Archivist II Promotion Timeline Checklist
Librarian/Archivist II to Librarian/Archivist III Promotion Timeline Checklist
Librarian/Archivist III to Librarian/Archivist IV Promotion Timeline Checklist

Referee Template Letter and Guidelines - University Lecturer or Practitioner Professor 

Referee Template Letter and Guidelines - Tenure-Track    

  • Original signed Reference or Referee letters are preferred, but not necessary to proceed with the RTP review.
  • If the Dean and/or Chair are satisfied that the referee/reference letter is from the referee, even if the signature is electronic, then the letter will be acceptable to us for RTP review. Please address in your memos.

Q: I was hired as an Instructor and just received my PhD, what do I do now?

A: At any time after the completion of academic or professional training, an Instructor may submit proof of completion to the TPC. The Chair of the TPC will then inform the Dean and the Vice-President, Academic (by way of Faculty Relations) that the condition for promotion to Assistant Professor has been fulfilled. A letter will come from the President confirming renewal, tenure & promotion dates, and any update to salary. The promotion will take effect at the beginning of the month following submission of degree completion documentation to the TPC.

Q: Can I apply early for promotion to Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer?

A: Senior Lecturer - stipulations and timeline under CA Art. 35.54, 35.55  (Early Promotion).

Associate Professor - stipulations and timeline under CA Art. 30.19 to 30.23 (Acceleration of Consideration (Early Tenure)).

Q: At what point can I withdraw from a promotion consideration to Full Professor or for Senior Lecturer or University Lecturer Faculty?

A: Consideration for promotion to Professor or for Lecture Faculty is not mandatory and withdrawal can occur at any time until the Dean forwards their recommendation to the President or the Faculty Review Committee Consideration for promotion will continue unless the faculty member provides written notice of withdrawal (CA Art. 30.31).

Q: What is the expectation around language of publications, references, etc.? I have published and written a great deal in my native language.

A: SFU operates and conducts its business primarily using the English language. Except in unavoidable situations or when faculty members in a bilingual cognate area are being evaluated, the process will be conducted in English and external referees will be asked for their evaluations in English.

If translation of documents is required for the appointments process and by Search Committees, or for Renewal, Tenure or Promotion Reviews including FRC appeals, it should be normally completed by professional translators.

Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.