Family and Compassionate Care Leaves

Family Care Leave

47.29 Members are entitled to up to five days paid leave per calendar year to provide care to family members who are ill.

47.30 Where care for family members who are ill can be accommodated through short-term adjustment of responsibilities without an overall reduction in workload or teaching assigned, departments will make reasonable attempts to facilitate such adjustments.

47.31 In the event of serious illness or disability of a family member, Members may request a Modification of Appointment from full-time to part-time pursuant to Article 25: Modification of Appointments from Full-Time to Part-Time.

47.32 Where family care requires the full-time commitment of an employee, the employee may apply for a Family Care Leave of up to eight weeks. Such leave will be without pay, but benefits coverage will be maintained. 

Compassionate Care Leave

47.33 A Member will be granted a Compassionate Care Leave of Absence without pay for up to 27 weeks to care for a family member if a medical practitioner issues a certificate stating that the family member has a serious medical condition with a significant risk of death within 26 weeks.

47.34 The Member’s benefit coverage will continue for the duration of the Compassionate Care Leave.

47.35 If additional leave beyond 27 weeks is required it will be treated as an unpaid Leave of Absence pursuant to Leave of Absence above.

47.36 The University will maintain benefits coverage for any Member undertaking a leave of absence pursuant to the Employment Standards Act (including but not limited to Domestic Violence Leave, Leave for Disappearance of a Child, or Leave for Death of a Child.

Information on the full procedure will follow. Any questions, in the meantime, can be directed to your Faculty Relations Advisor.



Leave of Absence Application Form - Family and Compassionate Leave     May 4/18    

Collective Agreement Article:

Article 47: Leaves of Absence (sections 47.29 to 47.36)


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