Faculty Relocation Expense Benefits
May 9/18    

Purpose and Eligibility

Relocation expenses are reimbursed (or a moving allowance provided) for new Faculty members to assist in moving personal household and goods to Greater Vancouver for a new appointment at SFU.

If you are moving a distance greater than 50 km from SFU, you are eligible for:

  • Moving allowance (within Canada) OR
  • Relocation reimbursement (outside Canada) by application to Faculty Relations
The Canada Revenue Agency allows us to provide only those individuals currently residing in Canada with a moving allowance. They must, however, claim all expenses through the annual Canadian Tax process. Faculty moving from outside of Canada are required by law to be reimbursed only.

Claims Processing

Moving Allowance

A cheque for the relocation amount will be couriered out to the new faculty member approximately one month before the appointment start date, to the address on the appointment letter.  


Submit as soon as possible after your appointment start date at SFU. Relocation expenses must be reimbursed within one year from the start date of the new Faculty member’s appointment.

In order to process your claim, please ensure:

  •  Your claim is complete. A complete claim consists of: the signed claim form filled in with eligible expenses and date expense was paid; all original receipts/proof of payment attached; all expenses listed in Canadian currency, as well as any GST or HST paid on Canadian receipts.
  • Each individual receipt smaller than letter size paper is taped (no staples) onto a separate page (as all claims are later scanned)

Moving Companies and Relocation Services 

While we do not recommend any particular company, CAUBO (Canadian Association of University Business Officers) negotiates national contracts for products and services on behalf of its members through its National Procurement Committee. Current contracts are available to all faculty and staff for University members (regular) and College Members (Affiliate). CAUBO has negotiated several deals you can use for hotels, moving companies, and relocation services to assist you with your move to SFU:    

Companies listed on the CAUBO site are not endorsed by/affiliated with Simon Fraser University. The information is listed as a resource. SFU assumes no liability for any disputes arising from services advertised here.


Avoid delay in reimbursement by submitting your complete claim shortly after your start date.

Normal processing time is 4 to 6 weeks.



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Collective Agreement Article & Policies:

Article 43 (43.61)
Assistant Professors/Instructors, Associate Professors, Professors (Tenure Track Faculty or Tenured)

Policy A21.02

Relocation Expenses for Tenure Track Faculty

Policy GP 09
Laboratory Instructors, Professional Librarians, Lecturers


Relocation Entitlement and Processing:

Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.