Informing the Chair and Dean

20.8 In January of each year, every Member must submit an Annual Report of Outside Activities to their Chair.

20.3 This Article applies to both paid and unpaid activities that involve the application of special skills and knowledge within the Member's particular academic or professional competence.

20.4 The Parties recognize that participation in outside activities may enhance the professional, scholarly and scientific work of Members and may benefit the University and the larger community by fostering the transfer and application of knowledge.


20.5 A Member must inform the Chair and the Dean, in advance and in writing, of involvement in any of the following:

20.5.1 Activities that will result in the rescheduling, delegation or non-fulfillment of any work obligations, including regular teaching duties, office hours or departmental committee service

20.5.2 Activities that require a Member's time commitment of more than 30 consecutive days or 52 cumulative days per calendar year

20.5.3 Activities that will generate annual cumulative income per calendar year for the Member in excess of 25% of the Member's total annual salary

20.5.4 In the case of Members with full-time continuing appointments, any outside employment

20.5.5 Activities that will involve the use of University resources (facilities, employees, or services) These may be subject to a requirement to reimburse the University for resultant costs.

20.6 The Dean will consult with the Chair regarding any notifications pursuant to this Article. Authorization for the activity may be withheld if it would prevent or impede the due discharge of the faculty Member’s responsibilities.

20.7 Outside activities that are exempt from this policy are those that constitute service to the Member’s discipline or to the University.

These include teaching in the University’s Continuing Studies Program; being an external reviewer for a department at another university; being an external referee for a promotion or tenure case; acting as a peer reviewer for a granting agency or publisher; serving as editor of a journal in one’s area of expertise; serving as a local, regional, national or international representative on a professional organization; and any activity at the University's request. Annual Disclosure

By January 15th, every Member must submit an Annual Report of Outside Activities to their Chair.

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