Academic-Administrative Appointments

The Role of Chair/Director

The Chair of a department shall be a faculty member who has the respect and confidence of the members of the department and the skill and initiative to guide and manage the department. During the period of appointment, Chairs must make the interests of the department their paramount concern. Chairs should be appointed because of their dedication to teaching, research and service; their intellectual, professional and administrative abilities, and their leadership skills. Chairs should ensure that the decision-making process includes full discussion with interested persons and they should be adept at reconciling differing viewpoints.


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 51: Academic-Administrative Appointments within the Bargaining Unit 

Policy A13.02, Appointment of Department Chairs and Directors of Schools

Policy A13.04, Terms of Appointments of Department Chairs/Directors of Schools and other Academic Administrators (Remuneration)


Academic-Administrative Appointments Form     May 2/18


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