An Academic Administrator is responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of an academic unit.  They facilitate the implementation of their units' goals and foster collegial governance while ensuring university policies and procedures are adhered to.  These appointments are normally with term and assigned to faculty members holding a continuing/tenure appointment at the institution.  
51.2 Academic-administrative appointments within the bargaining unit will be treated in accordance with this Agreement except as specifically modified.
51.3 Academic-administrative appointments are secondary and distinct appointments. Appointees must have an academic appointment within the bargaining unit.
Please see the following pages for information and appointment procedures for the different types of Academic Administrators: 
  Annual stipend Bi-weekly amount 
Level A $18,215.04 $698.10
Level B $13,493.02 $517.18
Level C $9,107.52 $349.09
Level D $6,746.51 $258.60

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