Note that Salary is based on 26.0893 Pay Periods per year to accommodate for the leap year every fourth year. Ensure that all your calculations reflect this figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does my salary increase over my career?
A: Salary increases occur in one of three ways: due to negotiated increases in the salary scale, due to career progress increases awarded as part of the biennial salary review process, and at the time of promotion.

Career progress increases take effect on 1 September annually. If a newly appointed faculty member has held an appointment for six months or more, they will receive one career progress increment on the September 1st following their appointment. If a newly appointed faculty member has held an appointment for less than six months s/he will receive one career progress increment without review the following year. After these initial awards, faculty members career progress increases will be determined by the salary review process. Collective Agreement Article 42 provides more information on Salary.

Q: Which department should I contact when I have a question about the tax information, deductions or net pay on my paycheque?
A: Contact Faculty - Payroll Advisor, Sharon Assumption,  at (778) 782-3236.

Q: My salary dropped after January 1, why?
A: Canada Revenue Agency takes a disproportionate contribution for Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan early in the year. When contributions reach the maximum levels, no further deductions occur and it appears like a salary increase. Then on January 1, the contributions begin again for the next year, and your salary will appear to drop.

Q: I understand there is a retention fund. What is it and how do I access it?
A: Learn more about retention awards here

Q: Do I have to participate in the biennial salary process even if I'm at the ceiling for my rank?
A: Yes. The Biennial Salary review process is a performance review. Participation is mandatory and refusal to participate is cause for discipline.


Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 33: Biennial Reviews and Step Awards (Research and Teaching Faculty)

Article 42: Salary

Appendix C: Salary Scales, September 2, 2016


New Salary Scales: 

Salary Scales - January 1, 2021 new

Salary Scales - July 1, 2020 - revised 

Old Salary Scales

Salary Scales - August 28, 2020

Salary Scales - June 30, 2019 

Salary Scales - July 1, 2018    

Salary Scales - July 1, 2017

Salary Scales - September 2, 2016

Salary Scale - Overload Teaching Contract

Salary Scale - Overload Teaching Contract - June 30, 2019 

Salary Scale - Overload Teaching Contract - July 1, 2018

Salary Scale - Overload Teaching Contract - July 1, 2017

Salary Scale - Overload Teaching Contract - September 2, 2016

For Faculty Administrators only:

User Guide - Job Express View - Administrators

User Guide - Faculty Nominal Salary Report     Mar 14/18

PeopleSoft HRMS Security Access Form (for reports above and Faculty Salary Letter Reports) 


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