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Reporting issues, questions or comments: 

  • Please click on the CV System Administrator link in the system to contact CV System Administrator (
  • Next Steps:
    • Your email will be sent to the Faculty Relations Office for review.
    • Issues will be reported to IT Services and you will be copied on it. 
    • Questions and comments will be responded to by the Academic Policy & Project Analyst. 

Resolving printing issues 

  • The problem occurs on the the Mac only and is the result of the user's Mac configuration not associating the resulting .rtf file with the MS Word application. Instead it associates it with a program named TextEdit which does a terrible job of rendering rtf. The solution is to save the file to disk and then open it from within MS Word or change your Mac's file associations
  • Here are some instructions from an Apple blog site that may help correct the default file association rtf to MS Word rather than TextEdit:
    • In Finder, select one such rtf document file (don't open it), CMD+I to 'Get Info'.
    •  In the Get Info popup, you should see an option "Open with:" (if you can't, click the little triangles to expand each option), with a drop-down menu.
    •  Choose your preferred Word Processor in the drop-down and then click the Change All button to make that default to all documents of that type.