Sick Leave

Long term bargaining unit Members who become ill or are unable to carry out their duties may be placed on sick leave. While on sick leave, they will continue to receive 100% of salary.

Limited term or recurring limited term faculty, or limited term librarians or laboratory instructors who have less than five years’ service will be entitled to sick leave pro-rated to their length of continuous employment with the University.

Partial Sick Leave

Faculty members may require periods of partial sick leave, and may take sick leave on a partial basis subject to the provision by the faculty member, as is reasonably necessary, of satisfactory medical documentation to support the faculty member’s need for a period of partial sick leave.

Long Term Disability

The University maintains a Long Term Disability plan for eligible long term employees. At the end of 26 weeks of continuous sick leave, eligible employees who remain unable to carry out their duties will start coverage under the Long Term Disability Plan and their salary payments will cease.