Your education doesn’t only take place in the classroom. Student clubs are part of what make SFU the rich and diverse community that it is. The following authors describe experiences engaging with student clubs, and share why you should consider joining a student club or association.

While you pursue your degree, we recommend joining a Faculty of Applied Sciences Student Group. You will see how clubs are an excellent way for students to network, develop skills, and channel their energy into creative, academic, professional, and cause-focused communities.

Throughout the year, our student groups help organize a variety of events and activities - such as:

Events & Activities Career & Skill Development
  • FROSH week
  • Movie nights
  • Board games and trivia
  • Industry panel events
  • Networking nights
  • Hackathons and competitions


SFU FAS is home to more than 10 student organizations, clubs, design teams, and student societies.

Check out our Applied Sciences student clubs webpage to learn more about the different ways to get involved.

For a complete list of all clubs at SFU, visit the SFU Student Societies home page.

Student Societies

  • Computing Science Student Society (CSSS)
  • Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS)
  • Mechatronic Systems Student Society (MSESS)
  • Sustainable Engergy Student Society (SEESS)
  • Software Systems Student Society (SSSS)


  • Women in Engineering (WiE)
  • Women in Computing Science (WiCS)
  • Women in Clean Tech (WiCT)
  • SFU Surge
  • Robot Soccer

Design Teams

  • Team Phantom
  • Satellite