Bradford Griffin graduated with bachelor’s degree in geological engineering from UBC, and after he pursued his master’s at SFU where he was able to place a greater focus on energy economics, risk analysis, and physical resources. Upon finishing his master’s, Mr. Griffin worked alongside the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) analysing, researching, and authoring policy briefs on topics such as pipelines and carbon offsets. Following his time with PICS, Mr. Griffin travelled abroad to Grenoble, France, working as the Senior Energy Analyst for Enerdata. In this position he worked closely with government and corporate clients, helping them explore alternative views on future energy development and climate mitigation policies.

Mr. Griffin currently works as the Executive Director of the Canadian Energy and Emissions Data Centre, a non-profit organization within SFU’s Faculty of Environment that works to provide accessible and quality energy and environmental data. He is also the Executive Director of the Energy and Materials Research Group at SFU, which works to assess leading policies for long-term change in Canada’s energy system.