In partnership with the SFU Alumni Association, we share some alumni highlights

  • Jenn Burt

    Dr. Jenn Burt is an experienced marine ecologist and a recent graduate of the resource and... read more

  • Tesicca Truong

    Tesicca Truong is a dedicated changemaker, sustainability activist, and youth engagement innovator.... read more

  • Michael Vegh

    Michael Vegh’s passion for coastal ecology and conservation as well as First Nations studies... read more

  • Stephen Chastain

    Stephen Chastain is using the knowledge he gained in pursuing his master’s in resource and... read more

  • Brent Loken

    Brent Loken is an interdisciplinary scientist and social entrepreneur whose work spans from... read more

  • Jennifer Zickerman

    Jennifer has taken her entrepreneurial attitude and her passion for locally grown produce and... read more

  • Sean Connaughton

    Dr. Sean P. Connaughton is an anthropological archaeologist with on-the-ground practice and broad... read more

  • Kyle Empringham

    Kyle Empringham is a resource and environmental management graduate who is passionate about civic... read more

  • Michael Gamon

    Michael is the Senior Analytics and Business Specialist with the Provincial Health Authority... read more

  • Natalia Domarad

    Natalia Domarad is enabling people and organizations to get more from data and technology. While... read more

  • Amy Mundorff

    Dr. Amy Mundorff graduated in 2010 with a PhD in archaeology. She is currently an Associate... read more

  • Bradford Griffin

    Bradford Griffin graduated with bachelor’s degree in geological engineering from UBC, and... read more