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Message from the Dean

This April, we begin celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Faculty, the only Faculty of Environment in Western Canada. With interdisciplinary programs and research, our students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors are making meaningful change happen locally and globally in the classroom, at work, and in communities. 

The academic accomplishments of the work in the Faculty are stellar, and in many cases, garner international acclaim. Much of our research is community-engaged, not simply as an “add-on” but as core to our mission. Our students develop critical thinking, participate in experiential learning and, as evidenced in our alumni profiles posted here, are thriving in their careers post-graduation.

We will be hosting a variety of activities throughout the year, from public talks, to environmental stewardship activities and more. Please join us for the official 10th Anniversary launch on April 24th, 2:30-5:30PM on our Burnaby Campus, where we will celebrate and honour both individual and collective achievements. Everyone is welcome but registration is required. RSVP here.

Check back here for more news and event details.

Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Dean, Faculty of Environment

Wow! What a way to celebrate turning 10! In the first week of April our faculty and Program Directors have received ~ $1.6 million in funding!

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

  • Nick Blomley – Professor, Geography
    • Governing the possessions of the precariously housed: a legal geography – $235,878
    • Grounding Law: learning with each other – $15,233
  • Jon Driver and Dongya Yang– Professors, Archaeology
    • People and animals in the Peace River region – $236,125
  • Jonn Axsen – Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management
    • Autonomous vehicles as really new products with societal impacts: Exploring Canadian consumers' perceptions with a mixed method approach – $216,474

New Frontiers

  • Tammara Soma – Assistant Professor, Resource and Environmental Management & Dana Lepofsky – Professor, Archaeology
    • Our Home, Our Food, Our Resilience: A Citizen Science Approach to Food Asset Mapping and New Frontiers in Ecological Heritage Planning in Canada – $233,091

Canada Foundation for Innovation

NSERC Research Tools and Instruments

  • Jeremy Venditti – Director, School of Environmental Science
    • Multifrequency Acoustic Doppler Profilers – $116,124

Strategic Initiative Priority Project Funding

  • Jeremy Stone – Program Director, Community Economic Development 
    • Economic Reconciliation and First Nations Initiative – $200,000

PICS - Opportunities Project Program

  • Anne Salomon – Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management
    • Designing solutions to the hidden impacts of climate change on Canada's undersea forests ~ $60,000