Long Term Disability

The Long Term Disability Plan provides financial protection for you by paying you a portion of your income while you are disabled beyond the time period covered under the short term Sick Leave Plan. Participation in the Group Long Term Disability Plan is a condition of employment. The LTD benefit is not insured by an insurance company regulated under the Financial Institutions Act and SFU is exempt from the regulatory requirements of the Act. Manulife Financial is the carrier for this benefit.


All continuing APSA employees under the age of 65 who work at least 28 hours bi-weekly.

Commencement of Coverage

Coverage commences the first day an employee is actively at work and employed on a continuing basis.

Cost of Coverage

The monthly non - taxable premium is paid by the University.

Definition of Disability

You are disabled when Manulife Financial determines that:

"An employee who is wholly and continuously disabled due to illness or accidental bodily injury and, as a result , is unable to perform the duties of his normal occupation or the duties of any occupation for which he is fitted by education, training or experience."

Benefit Amount

The benefit provides 70% of your basic monthly earnings, which is based on your salary that was in effect before your disability began. The benefit is subject to income tax deduction.

Cost of living adjustment - after one full calendar year of disability a maximum of 7% per year, on a cumulative basis, effective every January.

Your benefit could be reduced if you are eligible for benefits from another source such as Canadian Pension Plan, Workers Compensation or any other disability plans.

Qualifying Period

After 26 weeks of sick leave entitlement has expired.

Duration of Benefits

Benefits will cease:

  • when you are no longer disabled
  • when you reach the age of 65


No payment will be made due to the following:

  • if an employee is not under continuing medical supervision and treatment, that is approved by Manulife
  • intentionally self-inflicted injuries
  • active participation in a riot
  • an employee is on maternity leave


SFU Benefits

While you are in receipt of long term disability benefits, the following benefits that you currently participate in will be maintained by the University at no cost to you:

  • BC Medical
  • Extended Health
  • Dental Benefits
  • Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Long Term Disability
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Optional Life - eligible for premium waiver
  • Pension Plan - the university will continue to make contributions which will be based on your pre-disability salary. Pension service will also continue to accrue.


You will be responsible for the monthly payments of:

  • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Homeowners Insurance

Claim Procedures

After 4 months of sick leave for one illness or injury, you will be contacted by the Return to Work/Disability Management Coordinator. To initiate a long term disability benefit claim, you will complete the Member's Statement form (PDF 90k) and have your physician complete the Attending Physician's Statement form (PDF 42k). You will be required to provide proof:

  • that you are under the regular care of a physician
  • of the date your disability began
  • of the cause of your disability
  • of the extent of your disability, that is the restrictions and limitations preventing you from performing your regular occupation


Manulife Financial may request that you undergo an Independent Medical Evaluation to qualify for Long Term Disability benefits or to maintain them.

Payment of Benefit

Once the carrier has adjudicated the claim and is satisfied with proof of total disability and that an employee qualifies for benefits under the Group Contract, benefit payment will be forwarded at the end of each month. A direct deposit into your bank account can be arranged.


An employee returning to work in a rehabilition programme may receive earned salary and a long term disability benefit that is calculated against the salary and/or other income, in accordance with the disability plan document.

Recurrent Disability

If the same disability reoccurs within 6 months of active employment, there will be no qualifying period and the employee may qualify for Long Term Disability benefit to commence immediately.