Do You have Any vacant unused positions on your team?

There has been an increasing trend towards larger balances of vacant positions over the last few years. A large number of ‘active’ unused positions in the system presents an inflated picture of SFU’s resource requirements.  This has had significant impacts on SFU’s financial budgeting and forecasting, as well as interferes with the data integrity of internal and external reporting of SFU’s people resources. Keep reading to learn how to do your part in ensuring we keep our budgeting and forecasting on track. Read more here.


SFU Compensation programs will have efficient, clearly outlined factors to measure work and effective processes & systems that enable the attraction & retention of the best diverse and inclusive talent.

  • Excellence and Accountability
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Engagement

Who to Contact

Your Strategic Business Partner Services Team is the first point of contact for leaders to bring in specialized expertise as needed from the centres of excellence within HR.

For assistance with preparing your position for evaluation, or status updates on your submitted evaluation request, please contact your Human Resources Specialist.

For questions regarding your payslip or individual pay, please email payroll at

For compensation requests and general enquiries, please email

Please note: 
The Faculty Association of Simon Fraser University (SFUFA) represents Faculty as well as Laboratory Instructors and Librarians. Faculty Relations is handled by the office of the Vice President Academic.