When do I use a PAR versus an ePAR?

A PAR is used to initiate an action or a change for an employee. Some common actions include extending a temporary appointment, appointing a continuing employee into a temporary appointment and initiating a job split. The PAR form should be submitted by email to your HR Coordinator.

An ePAR is used to initiate a temporary pool assignment or an employee status change (e.g., resignation, retirement, leave of absence including maternity and parental leave). The ePAR is submitted electronically through myINFO with a built-in workflow. Eventually, we intend to have electronic workflow in place for all HR forms.

How do I find the information required on the form, such as Dept ID, Position Number or Employee ID?

  1. Log on to myINFO
  2. Along the top banner, click on the drop-down displayed as “Employee Self Service” and select “Department Administrator”
  3. Click on “Reports and Inquiries”
  4. Find the Query named SFUDA_HR_REPORTS_TO_POSITION
  5. Click on “Run to HTML” or “Run to Excel”
  6. Enter the position number of the supervisor* that the position noted in the PAR is reporting to
  7. Click “View Results”
  8. The results will display all positions reporting to this supervisor, including the Dept ID, Position Number & Title, and the Employee ID of the current incumbent.

*If you do not know the position number needed to run the SFUDA_HR_REPORTS_TO_POSITION query, go to Reports and Inquiries and run the SFUDA_EMPLOYEE_LISTING query to find the supervisor’s position number.

Note: Non-supervisory employees may not have access to Department Administrator on myINFO.

What if I cannot find the appropriate “reason” in the drop down menu of the form?

Please use the reason “Other” and provide details under Additional Information. Your HR Coordinator will contact you directly if there are any questions about the requested action.

Where do I include the accounting string?

We no longer require accounting string information on PARs. If you need to make a change to the accounting string of a position, please complete the Compensation Requisition Form and follow the compensation requisition procedures.

Can I submit a job evaluation request using the PAR?

No. Please visit the Compensation website for guidance on how to submit job evaluation requests.

Can I submit a job posting request using the PAR?

No. To submit a job posting request, please use the Job Posting Requisition form.

Who has authorization to sign a PAR?

The individual submitting the PAR is responsible for ensuring that the action requested has undergone the appropriate review and approval process within their department. The form provides two signature boxes for processes that require multiple approvers.