Service Offerings

Job Description Support

Support on job design, writing new job descriptions, and revising existing job descriptions.

Job Evaluation & Re-evaluation

At SFU, our goals are to attract and retain the best diverse and inclusive talent. Job evaluation is one of many tools that helps us do that.

Service Delivery Commitment

Turnaround times may vary but we are committed to:
- Job Evaluations for Posting: 30 business days 
- Job Evaluations for Occupied Re-evaluations: 90 business days 

Organizational Design & Reorganization Support

Reorganization design is the process of aligning roles and reporting relationships with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness and achieving business objectives.

Compensation Planning & Market Surveys

The SFU Compensation team oversees compensation planning for all annual salary progressions and salary schedules, as well as periodically reviewing pay structures to market pay.