Short Term and Visiting

Short Term Faculty Benefit Plan

Paid Visiting Faculty and Faculty Appointments of 1 year or less.

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Benefit Effective Date Cost  
    Employee Share Employer Share

Extended Health Care Plan 
Pacific Blue Cross (PBC)
80% co-insurance

Paramedic visit fees apply. Please refer to booklet linked above or CaresNet for details.  

Rates (effective April 1, 2022):   

Single: $57.47 

Family $161.99  

First day of the month coincident with or following appointment, or on the date MSP commences.            

Enrolment is not automatic.

Application form: please click here 

50% 50%
Dental Plan Not eligible N/A N/A
Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
(Industrial Alliance) $10,000                              

First day actively at work.

Enrolment is automatic.

Beneficiary form: please click here

0% 100%
Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
(Industrial Alliance) Units of $10,000
Employee & Family Maximum $200,000   

First day of month following receipt of application.

Please click here for application.

100% 0%
Sick Leave
go to Article 44
One week salary increasing to four weeks after three months 0% 100%

Pensions go to Article 43

BC College Pension Plan
(BCCPP) Guide for Plan Members

As Applicable 50% 50%
WorkSafeBC First day of employment 0% 100%
Annual Vacation See Article A43 0% 100%
Business Travel Protection
(Industrial Alliance) $150,000
go to Article 43
First day actively at work 0% 100%
Library/Gym Membership Upon application 0% 100%

December 2021

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