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Job Description Writing Guide and Glossary of Job Description Verbs
The Job Description Guide walks you through each section of the Job Description form and provides you with examples and guidance on how to complete the form. The Glossary of Job Description Verbs is an alphabetical listing of common verbs (action words) with a brief definition of each verb. In the major and minor function sections of the Job Description form you will use a verb at the beginning of each duty statement to describe "what" work is done.

WJQ Custom Part I: Job Description  DOC
The Job Description identifies positions within the University and is used to collect narrative information about the duties, responsibilities, effort, working conditions, qualifications and skills required by positions. Completed Job Descriptions are used for the purposes of: job evaluation, recruitment and selection, and providing employees with information on the scope of their duties and responsibilities.

Helpful Hints Part II: Job Questionnaire Guide
In conjunction with a completed Job Description, the Helpful Hints Guide provides assistance with the selection of suitable answers to questions in the Job Questionnaire.

WJQ Custom Part II: Job Questionnaire Answer Booklet and Answer Sheet
The Job Questionnaire Answer Booklet includes closed ended questions designed to evaluate the responsibilities, effort, working conditions, and skills and knowledge required by positions. The one page Answer Sheet should be used to record answers to the closed ended questions in the Job Questionnaire Booklet.  Only the Job Questionnaire Answer Sheet should be submitted for evaluation with a completed Part I:  Job Description form.

WJQ Custom Part II: Job Questionnaire Answer Sheet  DOC  PDF

Position Re-evaluation Request Form  PDF