Workshops for Leaders

Join leaders from across SFU to participate in leadership-related learning and development opportunities. Not only will this enhance your own professional development, and be a chance to connect with colleagues, it will also contribute to a positive learning culture for your team. 

Spring 2024 workshops for leaders are included below.  Please also visit our list of online resources on a number of foundational and transferable skills. 

Leader’s Mini-Series: Tools for Leading through SFU’s Current Landscape

Join us for this new mini-series that will provide practical tools and information to navigate the current SFU landscape.  The purpose is to support SFU’s leadership community so that we are all as equipped as possible for the challenging times ahead.  The series has been designed by SFU leaders for SFU leaders and aims to be timely, relevant, and responsive to needs during these times of budget constraint, uncertainty, and change.  It will also be an opportunity to hear from, discuss with, and stay connected to other leaders.

Virtual sessions all run on Thursdays for a 1 hour. We encourage you to attend all sessions in the series however, they are designed as stand-alone and can be taken independently.  Please register in advance if you can; day-of registration is also welcomed.

Session Description (and link to register) Date Facilitators
Session 1: Change Foundations: Leading in a new landscape.  February 1 | 11am – 12pm Tara Black and Anke Baker
Session 2:  Tips and tools for planning and decision making in a time of competing priorities. February 8 | 11am – 12pm  Christina Medland and Tara Black 
Session 3:  Rethinking work in a budget constrained context. February 15 | 11am – 12pm  Carla Deresh and Michelle Allison
Session 4:  SCARF: A neuroscience model for leading through change.

February 22 | 11am – 12pm

Tara Black and Annette Santos

Session 5: Supporting and creating team cohesion.  February 29 | 11am – 12pm Tanya Behrisch
Session 6: Difficult (but necessary) conversations in times of uncertainty  March 7 | 11am – 12pm Christeen Livingstone and Tracey Rollins
Session 7: Well-being in challenging times. March 14 |11am – 12pm Dawn Barroso and Alisa Zukanovic

Regular Workshop Offerings for Spring 2024

Leading through Change

Wherever we are, we are all deeply impacted by the profound changes and shifts throughout our workplaces, our communities and society as a whole. This session will explore your role in responding to and preparing for the unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty in your work at SFU and the world around you.  Whatever your role is at SFU, you can positively influence the impact of change on yourself, staff and colleagues.   Wherever you are, you are being asked to lead in uncertainty and in the context of multiple and shifting priorities. You are being asked to lead for resilience, for equity, inclusion and sustainability—all within a climate of budget constraints and stretched resources.  How do you help navigate yourself and others through these significant and wide-reaching changes? In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn some of the fundamental concepts and strategies for leading adaptive, collaborative change to address the needs and challenges you face. Tuesday, February 6 |9:00am to 12:30pm |Halpern 126 

Fostering Effective Collaborations Within and Across Teams

Are you sensing that your teams are overly siloed and not nearly collaborative enough? Or are you feeling overtaken by the sheer volume of opportunities to collaborate at work and the time they take? Increasingly, workplaces are shifting away from leadership approaches centered on ‘heroic individuals,’ to ones marked by collaborative, cross-functional and often hybrid teams. When they’re supported by the right systems and approaches, healthy levels of workplace collaboration can be rewarding, energizing, and incredibly effective. Tuesday, April 23rd |1:00 - 4:30pm | Halpern 126 (cancelled)

Cultivating a Psychologically Safe Work Environment - The Leader's Role

The pandemic shed light on the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace, and there continues to be high levels of stress, burnout and mental illness amongst Canadian employees. Leaders play a key role in supporting the well-being of people and teams, and ensuring that a culture of well-being and psychological safety permeates throughout the organization. This session has been developed specifically for leaders at SFU and focuses on the role of leaders when it comes to creating psychologically safe work environments where all employees thrive. Wednesday, April 17th | 9:00am to 12:30pm |Halpern 126

Need to Cancel your Registration?

Most of our workshops fill up and have waitlists, please cancel your registration with as much notice as possible to open up your space for someone else.  

Please follow these steps to cancel your registration with more than 7 days notice:

Cancellations with less than 7 days notice:

  • Email to cancel your registration with less than 7 days’ notice.  If we don’t hear from you and you don’t attend the workshop, we may need to charge your department to compensate for associated costs. Cancellations within 7 days are not eligible for refunds (when applicable).

Workshop Fees: 

Some workshops have a nominal fee of $75 to offset costs to enable us to provide exceptional learning opportunities. The fee is substantially lower than similar workshops offered externally and can be reimbursed through PD funds or departments may choose to cover the fee.