Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Learning Series

Developed specifically for Teaching Assistants (TAs), this online and in-person learning series will help you build, enhance, and practice your leadership and interpersonal skills. Focusing primarily on interpersonal communication, having difficult conversations, and addressing conflict collaboratively, the skills and knowledge you will gain from this learning series will support you in your role and beyond.

The Leadership and Interpersonal Learning Series is one part of the TA Hub. To access the TA Hub, please click here

Here is a description of each of the topics in the Learning Series. Please note that at this time, only the Canvas modules (in the TA Hub) are available. 

Self-Awareness and Relationship Building and Emotional Intelligence

The content in these modules are foundational for the subsequent topics.  They will help you begin to build or enhance the foundation of your interpersonal skills.

You will begin the learning series by looking inward – learning about self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and key aspects of building good workplace relationships such as trust and empathy.  You will learn about each concept, along with techniques and tips to help enhance your foundation for interpersonal effectiveness.  

Interpersonal Communication 

Exceptional communication skills will serve you well in all aspects of work and life.  In this module, you will learn seven key techniques to help you become a more effective interpersonal communicator. The in-person workshop will bring to life the online content, and give you a chance to discuss and analyze the importance and nuances of interpersonal communication and practice active listening and communication skills.  

Navigating Difficult (but Necessary) Conversations

Having difficult conversations is not easy, but very necessary as we navigate work and life.  This module will equip you with tools to help you prepare for and initiate difficult conversations. The in-person workshop will provide an invaluable opportunity to try out the tools and put your skills and knowledge into practice to help you gain confidence in handling difficult conversations. 

Addressing Conflict Collaboratively 

Conflict in work and life is inevitable, and being able to recognizing it, understand the nature of it, and address it early will serve you well as a TA and employee in any work setting.   In this module and in-person workshop, you will develop an understanding of what conflict is, the different ways people respond to conflict, and approaches to resolving conflict in an effective and collaborative manner.  The in-person session will provide you with practice and confidence in addressing conflict situations.