SFU Graduate Student Handbook

This handbook is updated annually and to provide you with an overview of relevant policies, resources and information as you commence your graduate program.

By enrolling in classes at SFU, you are agreeing to following university policies such as academic honesty, student conduct, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, as well as the Graduate General Regulations. Learn more about your responsibilities as a graduate student.

There may also be terms and condition applicable to your offer of admission or program that are specified by your faculty, department or program. It is your responsibility to comply with those.

The policies and regulations set out in the SFU Calendar are updated every term. Every graduate student should become familiar with the relevant sections, particularly the Graduate General Regulations. These regulations may change during the course of your program and it is your responsibility to review and follow the current applicable policies. Should the academic program requirements change during your degree, please contact your graduate program chair as you may select to use the program requirements which are most beneficial to you.

Annual Graduate Student Handbooks