Tuition and Fees

Tuition Types

All graduate students are charged tuition each term (fall, spring, and summer) of their enrollment. SFU admission and funding offers do not include a tuition waiver. Programs are divided into two different types ‘per unit fee’ or ‘per term fee’.

Per Unit Fee
Students in ‘per unit fee’ programs are charged a set tuition fee for each unit enrolled per term.

Per Term Fee
Students in ‘per term fee’ programs are charged a set tuition fee for each term of enrollment.

Program Tuition Types

Regular Programs

Most programs culminating in a research-based project or thesis are considered 'regular programs' which charged the 'regular full-time fee' tuition. Master’s students will be charged the 'regular full-time fee' for the first six terms of completed enrollment. Doctoral students will be charged this rate for the first eight terms of completed enrollment. After, the 'regular continuing fee' for every subsequent term. Here is a full list of programs this applies. Students in these programs are considered full-time regardless of the number of courses enrolled in per term.

Program Tuition for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • Regular Full-time Fee Tuition: 
    $1,946.94 per term
  • Regular Continuing Fee Tuition:
    $973.47 per term


Specialty Programs

Students in specialty programs will pay the tuition fee as stated in the Academic Calendar.

Tuition during leaves of absence

From time to time a student may feel it necessary to take a leave of absence. A student is not charged tuition or fees while on a leave of absence. If a student enrolls and then decides to take a leave, the student is still liable to pay any drop penalties according to the refund dates.

Student Status

Learn more about the policies regarding withdrawal and leave of absence.

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