Meeting Rooms

The meeting areas at Surrey Centre accommodate groups from ten to two hundred for all types of meetings and conference events. All rooms have telephone and high-speed Internet connections. There are four theatres suitable for multimedia presentations. The Centre features corporate-style boardrooms and interactive lecture rooms, and five fully equipped Mac and PC computer labs.

Grand Spaces

Ideal for registration, displays or receptions, the mezzanine at Surrey Central is a large, dynamic public space used by students, staff and clients of SFU Surrey, with power and wired/wireless internet connection for SFU users.


Prospera Credit Union Theatre
This 200-seat theatre features comfortable double-aisle seating, lecture tables, and controlled lighting. Built-in writing tablets make the theatre suitable for company meetings, panel discussions and seminars.

NOW Newspaper Theatre
NOW Newspaper Theatre features podiums, writing tablets and lecture tables to accommodate up to 102 people in theatre-style seating.

Flag Mitsubishi Lecture Theatre
Flag Mitsubishi Lecture Theatre features features comfortable, theatre-style seating for 102 people, along with podiums, writing tablets and lecture tables.

Galleria 5000 Lecture Theatre
With podium, writing tablets and lecture table, this lecture theatre lends an educational ambience to conferences, seminars, training sessions and lectures. Up to 151 people can be accommodated in theatre style seating. The theatre is multi-media capable.


Classrooms can accommodate groups of up to 108 people and are pre-set with rows of tables. Built-in projection screens are included. Data projectors are also available to rent.

Seminar Rooms
Seminar rooms hold between 12 and 25 people and are pre-set in a hollow square formation. Built-in projection screens are included. Data projectors are also available to rent.

Tutorial Rooms
Tutorial Rooms can accommodate groups of up to 24 people. Built-in projection screens are included. 

Policy Rooms
Designed for interaction and presentation, policy rooms feature fixed, tiered seating set in a semi-circle, electronically operated screens and variable lighting. Seating capacity ranges from 42 to 56 people.

Speciality Spaces

Board Rooms
Boardrooms can accommodate groups of up to 16 people and feature built-in projection screens. 

Computer Labs
Instructional computer labs offer Mac and PC computers complete with up-to-date software and hardware. Data projection and computers are included for instructors, creating an ideal setting for software training and marketing. On-site technical support is provided.