What is sustainability at Meeting, Event, and Conference Services?

Guided by MECS’ Sustainable Meeting & Event Policy, the department has embedded best practices in its operation to continually improve its sustainability performance. Currently, MECS has implemented and embedded the following sustainability initiatives in its operations:

• Fair Trade campus designation and products

• SFU’s Zero-waste Initiative helping to divert waste and resources from landfill

• SFU’s Sustainable Spaces certification program helping build processes for more robust and efficient events on campus

• SFU’s Re-use For Good initiative aiming to reduce single-use products while introducing their reusable alternatives

Supporting Simon Fraser University to reach its long-term ecological, social, and economic sustainability goals, MECS continually monitors and improves our sustainable practices, as well as those of our suppliers.  In doing so, we proudly provide an optimal environment for meetings and events in our facilities.